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Time of past OR future Camino
a few since 2010
I am new to the camino. For several years I have wanted to do the camino and was only really aware of the Camino Frances, I have had to wait to retire to have the time and will start on the Camino Frances in a couple of weeks, I was totally unaware of this being a Holy Year when I started my plans! This will be the first of my retirement journeys, (I plan to do Machu Pichu next year and an looking at Mongolia for the following year) so I have been a little perplexed by people who seem to concentrate on Caminos! (Sorry) However I have just seen a television programme on the Via de la Plata and I was stunned by the beauty of so many of the towns on the VdlP, notably Zafra, Merida and Caceres. I travelled up the Autovia de la Plata in January, in the snow, and it was a bit like being in the Pennines so I was not impressed, looks very hilly! I also don't like the heat. :cry: But I was really impressed by this programme,it was stunning, now I must fit the VdlP into my future travels, I just hope I live long enough and keep fit so I can manage it all. Mention was made in the programme about encouraging pilgrims this year because of the over use of the Camino Frances!
Those of you doing it this year look out for the priest who soaks your feet for you! I'm not sure where, I missed the name but it was towards the north! :)
Buen camino
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Here are two links to the topic on washing feet:


On the comment about folks doing the different or same Camino over and over.

As one who's done many treks world wide, I find that there is very little that invites/inspires me to do them again. An example is the Appalachian Trail. While there are many interesting sights, encounters and "you got to be kidding me" events. I've walked for five months and that was enough.

The Camino is different...for me. It's like watching a good movie again and again. Each time you see it you experience the movie differently. You find a new nugget that's a keeper. Then, of course, the Camino draws you back because it's not done with you yet!

Buen Camino,



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Time of past OR future Camino
Suffice it to say I haven't yet stopped walking
The Camino is open to all, but for many the Camino is first and foremost a pilgrimage. As such, it carries a spiritual facet that is not present on other great hikes of the world. Whichever you choose be, hiker or pilgrim, you will have a great time on the Camino.

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