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Camping at refugios on the VdlP?


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I'm starting the VdlP in Sevilla on 2. April, so one of the most crowded months of a holy year. Tent will be in the backpack, but there don't seem to be a lot of campsites along the road - and most of them are in (near) the big cities. But ... last year on the Via Podiense/GR65, there were numerous auberges where you could camp in the garden and combine the luxery of sleeping out with the pleasure of meeting other pilgrims. Does anyone know if the VdlP also has auberges with tenting facilities?
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I don't remember a lot of formal camping facilities along this route but there are a number of albergues with adjacent spots where it would be easy to pitch a tent. I think that hospitaleros will be even more helpful this Holy Year.
Why not "Camp and Go" ?

Loads of opportunity for wild camping along the vdlp, if you are not too fussy about location.

Meeting pilgrims - don't worry you will meet loads along the way. We couldn't get away from them!!
If you are camping they will always be overtaking, as you will be camping very near the track and will have a very different schedule to them.

Lots stop and talk, so you can experience that side of things if you desire.

You can also meet them in pubs, bars, resaurants, bus shelters, everywhere.
Its not just confined to albergues.
Thanks Johnny and Johny,

Normally I would camp in the wild regularly, but this time I'm going alone (at least part of the time), and I think I will feel safer near refugios. But you never know where I might end up. If you know any good spots, anywhere on or near the trail, I'd like to hear about it.


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