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Can my backpack fit in for hand luggage on the plane?

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Hi guys,

I'm starting to look at tickets now. Will I need to book a piece of luggage?? Or can my backpack pass for hand luggage that doesn't need to be checked in?
(Just imagine an average 35+5 litre pilgrim backpack.)
To those that have done this already - have you had to check the bag in?

Addition: As you can imagine my backpack doesn't really have fixed dimensions, just the litre information; and it can stretch depending on how much you fill it up.
But let's say: Has anyone here flown with Ryanair to their camino starting destination? And have you had to check in your bag?

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My 40L back fit carryon size for Norwegian Air, BUT it all depends on how much you pack, your airlines specific limitations (including weight), and your specific pack since they all vary in dimensions. I’d suggest getting your pack dimensions from the manufacturer and comparing it to your specific airline’s limits.
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I recently travelled with Ryanair. I paid for Priority and 2 cabin bags, first time in my life! That assured me of the seat I chose, and taking my backpack and small soft bag on board. The official dimensions of my backpack are greater, but I used a tape measure, and the dimensions came in smaller than those quoted on the website. I also brought a belt to reduce the bulk/size of my bag if necessary, but it was not needed.


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I have 40L Osprey backpack. Last year I had no problem of carrying it onboard without having to pay on Ryanair, Wow, Vueling, and a couple of Greek discount airlines.
This year most discount airlines started charging carryons, I think, larger than handbags or briefcase. Not sure how strictly they enforce it though. So in theory I think you need to pay extra for that.


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Hi Sophia

Depends on a few things....the most important being the specific rules of your carrier airline and the security check.
I'm traveling RyanAir on Friday and they can be exceptionally pedantic at times.
I use them for business a lot and have often seen dramas at the gate when unsuspecting travelers have been forced to cough up £50 on the spot for oversized carry-ons.
Airport security will let you through but just remember no knives, scissors, sharp metal objects, fluids of more than 100ml etc, etc.
My 40+10 Deuter weighs in at about 9kgs but its bulky and may well fall foul of their rules.
It also contains some sharp objects that yes, I could easily buy on arrival, but because of the backpack's bulk I'm not risking it and have paid to check it in.
The total cost of the flight plus baggage was still a bargain :)


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We carried on a 38 liter and a 40 liter Osprey and had no issues fitting them in the overhead of British Airways planes. But they were both not filled to capacity so it was easy to cinch down. I've never flown a budget airline so can't speak for Ryan air.


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Look at your airlines requirements for weight and measurements for carry on luggage. It will be on their website. The size of a 35 L pack can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it is not the capacity of the pack that counts, but the length and the width and the depth, PLUS the required weight limitation.


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You'll have to pack your backpack, measure it, then compare its measurements against the limits of your airline.


I use my 50l Osprey and take it as cabin baggage. It is just about ok for size but I could remove top section if necessary to take on board as permissable small bag to go under seat. I pack my walking poles but take cheap ones that I can accept them being abandoned at security if exception is taken.


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No way does my pack fit the size requirements for most airlines, but the last couple of trips the airline has allowed me to carry it on board because the weight was under 7kg.

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measure your kit. More than 21" in they make you check it. Nice thing about a kit is they are smash able. I have been traveling with a kit for years and have always carried on. Individual airlines may have different rules. I have flown on international and regional airlines in Us , Europe and Africa.


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Sometimes liter size doesn’t mean anything. Case in point, my 50L Osprey Stratos is actually much smaller height wise than either my Osprey 44L Talon or my Osprey Exos 38L. So it all depends. I’ve never had a problem carrying on any of them. Also, never underestimate the power of being nice to the check in person. Seriously, niceness goes a long way.

Suzanne S.

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My 36L Osprey Kyte fit overhead nicely and was MUCH smaller than many other carry-ons folks were bringing. However, the decision belongs to the airline...

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