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Catholic pilgrims

Mary P

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For those pilgrims who want to attend Mass frequently, or do other religious activities, are services/schedules/places available and accessible during the hours a pilgrim might be likely to want them? Or are most rural churches closed?
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Mary, always check with the hospitalero, the person at the bar, and on the church door, as well. Things change and sometimes there is mass when you least expect it, other times it's no longer happening when all your guidebooks say it is. I had it happen both ways.

Mass was a priority for me and between St. Jean and Sarria I was able to attend mass in 24 towns. St. James provides. They almost always include a pilgrim blessing, often unique and very moving.

Also, many little chapels along the trail are open for prayer and reflection. Check the door to see if it opens. Some places that looked abandoned turned out to be open and beautifully cared for inside. Love those surprises!
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Sarria to Santiago May 2018
I'm old, fat and slow, so I needed a lot of rest stops. Brought along my rosary and said one decade at every church I passed. Some were closed but I sat on the steps. Some had the most astonishing cemeteries attached. You'd be amazed how refreshing it can be to drop your pack, rest your feet, and recite the prayers for about five minutes.


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Some were closed but I sat on the steps.
In France, most are open, even the small chapels. My observation was that almost all churches were closed except in cities. Three or four were open for sellos in the hopes of a donation (though none ever implied that a donation was mandatory). Some places included a tour with the sello, Barbadelo, Palas de Rei, and Furelos come to mind.


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Almost all the churches in Germany and Switzerland were open as well, not to mention a large number of tiny (seats 6-8?) roadside chapels, plus innumerable wayside shrines with crosses or statues.
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Two years ago we made it a point to visit every church and chapel we could find. If it was locked, we knocked and walked on. If it was opened, we lite a candle. We found many churches closed due to lack of clergy. One priest would say mass in many towns. Mass happened when he arrived. For us it was really hit or miss. We often found we just missed a noontime mass or early evening mass. The bigger cities it was easier to find mass. In the end just asking the locals pointed us in the right direction

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In April-May last year, the "places (towns)" where I stayed for the night had pilgrim mass at 7:00 pm in a nearby church.
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In Sarria when I got my sello at the old church they gave out a list of masses in the churches through to SdC. Before that, lots of evening pilgrim mass opportunities, most memorably: Roncesvalles, Los Arcos (stunning when they light up the altar for mass), Carrion de Los Condes, Triacastela, Rabanal. Buen Camino!

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