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cell phones


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13 days to go and I thought I had my kit all planned, if not actually packed.

Now all of the wonderful people, who are letting me go and staying behind, keep asking me to take a phone.

I can get my US phone adapted so that it will work in Spain (and then everyone will know how to find me), but my daughter is going to school in France next year and she was told it was better to get a phone there (at the news stand?). Does this work in Spain? Can I get a phone in Roucevalles and turn it in in Santiago?

Any advise? (other than leave the phone behind. I lost that one.)
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Hi there,

If you have a cell phone at home that works in Europe (ask your local cell phone store if it does) then you can bring this phone with you and use it. It will be expensive to use your "home cell phone number" so what many do is to get a Spanish cell phone number. This costs about 30-40 euro and usually includes 20-30 euro that can be used to call for. In Spain it does not cost anything to receive a call, so with this option you can receive calls from home for free (the caller pays an international call of course).

Buying this phone number in France, if you are spending 99% of your time in Spain is not a good idea. The you would be paying international fees on all calls (incoming + outgoing).

These cards have a higher calling price than normal, but there is no contract and no commitments. If you have not charged your card for one year (some operators use 6 months), the number will be lost and your current balance as well.

How do you buy a phone number in Spain? Look for a cellphone store (the big ones are Vodafone or Telefonica) and ask for a "tarjeta". They will give you an envelope with a small card in it that you put in your phone... the envelope also indicates your new number. There is no contract signed!

For an earlier thread on phone cards and cell phones here:


Ohh.. and if you bring your phone from the USA over, remember that you need an adapter to plug in your charger as well.


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May-June 2006; Aug-Sept 2014
Ivar, thanks for your quick response. As always this is a big help. Now all I have to do is decipher and decide.

Ah to only have to get up each day, face away from the sun, and see how far I go.


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Are the adapter plugs for chargers the same for Spain as they are for Italy. The two-pronged kind.
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