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Changing my mind about Shoes?

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Last Camino I wore New Balance trainers and had no problems at all with feet.

This Camino I bought the same shoes, next model, and have had nothing BUT problems from the first day!

Either I´m just getting older or the shoes have changed.

So my new advice is find what feels good and wear it.
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Annie - it isn't always the shoes as I've discovered myself. This year temperatures were soaring and on the route I was walking water sources were scarce so much extra weight had to be carried - I got blisters. But I still like the shoes :)
Time of past OR future Camino
2006 to date: Over 21 Caminos. See signature line
We´ll see how they do in cooler weather. I am getting ready to bus to Pamplona (I think) and walk for the next few weeks. It is much cooler... I took a scrubbrush to these shoe in Santiago and now you cannot tell I am a pilgrim... time to get em dirty again! :lol:

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