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Charges in Albergues. Good idea?

5-10 euro charge at albergues. Good idea?

  • Yes

    Votes: 17 94.4%
  • No

    Votes: 1 5.6%
  • It does not matter, I will sleep in Hotels/Hostels anyway

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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Rebekah Scott

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charges for albergue: I'm for it

Having volunteered in the albergues, I think it's only right the Galician ones should charge a nominal fee. They take the brunt of the crowds, many of which are wild, noisy school groups out for a fun weekend...And I know that big groups often consume the most water/food/butano and often leave no donation or something insultingly paltry.

None of the albergues is in this to make money, but they've got to pay their way, too. It's only fair that everyone pay their share. It's too bad this has to be legislated because a few people lack of common sense, or are selfish, or are taking advantage of the system for a cheap holiday.


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Think about how many people stop at bathrooms and buy nothing? Who is paying for all that paper??
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You are commenting on a post from September 2005, more than 12 years ago. As the link to the thread is broken, below are the relevant quotes. The last one is interesting because the current discussion is usually only about the millions of euros that Camino pilgrims bring to the region and not about the costs of renovating and maintaining the Camino infrastructure that are borne by local, regional etc authorities.

the Xunta [regional authority of Galicia] has decided to introduce what's described as a 'symbolic charge of between 5 and 10 euros' for overnighting in their pilgrim albergues. Intend to use the charge to provide additional services, such as providing bed-linen and reserving a bed. Probably from next summer.​

more on this in today's Correo Gallego​
Won't be introduced this year, but probably next, and charge likely to be around €5. Xunta currently spends over €1.2 million a year on its network of some 60 albergues, most on the Camino Frances but increasingly on the other routes. Money raised is intended primarily to improve facilities in the albergues.​
In the same paper, there's quite a strongly worded editorial, criticising the delay in introducing charges and the 'absurd policy' of offering everything for free.​
Note: links to the newspaper articles are also expired.


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I was going to remark that the Xunta albergues I've used lately all had fixed charges anyway. Then I saw the date of the original post. If the aim is to rekindle debate on the 'donativo versus fixed rates' question it might have been better to start a new thread than to revive a long-dead one.


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with the exception of threads that have a "stickie"?

I agree.
I thought that was the point of Stickies - to keep IMPORTANT and WORTH READING threads in the current domain.
All these old threads that don't produce added value are clogging up the current posts.

Unless, of course, some of us have nothing better to do than pass the time on the forum.

Geez, what happened to that little green man . . . . :mad:

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