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With all the talk about chat GPT I thought I would ask it some Camino questions? It's answer on why you would walk was fairly good. It's answer on footwear would be controversial here! No sandals!

Why do people walk the Camino

Here is what it siad has to why people walk the Camino!

People walk the Camino de Santiago for a variety of reasons. Some people undertake the journey as a spiritual or religious pilgrimage, while others do it for the physical challenge or for personal growth. Some common reasons that people walk the Camino include:
  1. Spiritual or religious reasons: Many people walk the Camino as a form of spiritual or religious pilgrimage. The Camino has a long history as a Christian pilgrimage, and for many people, the journey is a way to connect with their faith and find meaning in their lives.
  2. Physical challenge: The Camino de Santiago is a physically demanding journey, and for some people, the challenge of walking such a long distance is a major draw.
  3. Personal growth: For some people, walking the Camino is a way to step outside of their comfort zone and push themselves to achieve something that they never thought they could do. The journey can be a transformative experience that helps people to grow and learn more about themselves.
  4. Cultural and historical reasons: The Camino de Santiago has a rich history and cultural significance, and for some people, the opportunity to experience this is a major reason for walking the route.
  5. Social reasons: Many people walk the Camino as a way to meet new people and make new friends. The journey can be a social experience, with people from all over the world coming together to share the experience.
Ultimately, the reasons why people walk the Camino are varied and personal, and different people will have different motivations for undertaking the journey.

Not a bad answer for an ai bot!
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That response looks really familiar - I wonder if it pulled it directly from a Camino related website.

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It's not incorrect but it isn't offering many original insights is it?! I accept the 'A' in AI but I'm not convinced there's much 'I'.

From this and other examples I have read of GPT's answers to non-trivial questions, it seems to be a sieve and plagiarist of information held elsewhere on the internet.

I'm sure I'll learn more and be stimulated to think more by the individual views of hundreds of contributors to this forum (even though I might disagree with some of them!).


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I have no idea what a GPT is and I doubt knowing what it is will enrich my life at all. I know what ai is. I am not 100% sure what a bot is but every time I read a mention of a bot it is not good. Why do people walk. I guess what is written above are the easy answers. It is alot and I mean alot more interesting and usually brings deeper meaning when someone you have met volunteers the reason why and wants to tell you about it. At that moment it is one of the precious times that we learn how important and enriching listening is.
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From this and other examples I have read of GPT's answers to non-trivial questions, it seems to be a sieve and plagiarist of information held elsewhere on the internet.
Ultimately, GPT (like all AIs) is a sieve and a plagiarist of the information it was trained on, which in most cases is information scraped from the Internet. The Internet is, after all, the biggest repository of information we have by many orders of magnitude.

True, it isn't new information or insights, but how many of us are actually going to come up with something new and revolutionary when presented a question like this, rather than a summary somewhat similar to the one presented above. (I noticed it missed one of the big reasons I've often seen presented: a chance for the pilgrim to process a major change in their life - related to reason #3 above, but not the same.)

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