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CHEAP Tickets to Santiago

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Joe and I just purchased really inexpensive tickets directly from British Airways leaving San Francisco August 17 and returning early November.

We bought round trip tickets from San Franciso to Santiago for $632 each.

That is complete with all taxes.

We figure at that price, we can travel outbound from Santiago or even get off in Madrid (one of the stops).

We're excited! We're on our way again!

FYI, we checked some of the "cheap airfare" websites and found the best prices by going directly through British Airways.
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Thanks Kelly.
We'll ask about that.
We just were so happy to find affordable tickets.
Once we're in Santiago, we can take a few days to decide which stretch we'll take.
We're bending toward getting to Astorga, walking BACK to Santiago, then DOWN to Sevilla.
I missed portions of that stretch last time due to shinsplints.
WolverineDG said:
Make sure that skipping the flight to Santiago won't void the rest of your ticket before leaving the airport in Madrid!

I think it will. If you do not complete your trip to Santiago (get off in Madrid) your return ticket to the USA will be canceled. Be sure to check this!

Congrats on a great deal! :D

Thanks Ivar.
I wonder if that is the same on the return trip?
At any rate, we don't mind.
Once in Europe, travel is inexpensive.
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Anniesantiago said:
Thanks Ivar.
I wonder if that is the same on the return trip?
At any rate, we don't mind.
Once in Europe, travel is inexpensive.
I think it is. Most of the time if you don't complete one leg of the trip, the rest of the ticket is canceled, so you need to be careful. But as you say, once in Santiago you can look for other ways to travel around Spain.

Yes, if you skip the Madrid to Santiago portion of your itinerary, the rest of your ticket (ie, the trip home) is void! :shock: I once had to change my return destination (thanks to my car breaking down in another town just before my trip) & was given a run-around when I called to ask if I could change just that one leg. Oh no. The entire ticket would have to be canceled & re-booked at obviously a much higher fare PLUS the change fee of $250. :snort: I ended up just getting a one-way ticket to that town (on edit: from Houston) & checked in for both flights in Madrid. As it was the last leg of the whole trip that I needed to change, I really didn't care if, as the agent warned, "my itinerary would be canceled if I missed that one leg."

On edit: I used 3 legs of that 1st ticket: Laredo-Houston, Houston-Madrid, Madrid-Houston. I skipped the Houston-Laredo portion & flew to the other town instead for a grand total ticket price of $35.

Make sure that skipping the flight to Santiago won't void the rest of your ticket before leaving the airport in Madrid!

This happens(cancelling return trip) with many long haul airlines.........but not with Ryanair :) Sometimes I have discovered that return flights are CHEAPER than one single flight. It arose with return flights between UK & Dublin, which were cheaper than single flights from Dublin to UK. I don't expect it happens too often.
Back to the main point; before you sign on the dotted line, try and look into all eventualities.

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