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Checking in at my albergue


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My starting point will be Triacastella or Cebreiro in early Sept.

I am flying in to Santiago then getting buses back to starting point.
Looking at the bus schedules on the web (empresafreire and monobus) I can go airport to Lugo then Lugo to Triacastela/Cebreiro

The bus arrives Triacastela 18:35 and Cebreiro at 19:25

Given that everyone normally arrives at the albergues lunchtime, will I get a bed???
I have joined the CSJ so should already have my credencial ready.

From my research Triacastela has more accomodation, (refugio, 3 private hostels and a hotel)

Any help or tips greatly appreciated

Buen Camino

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this is the sort of post that hardly deserves a reply

it's more than two months away and you're worrying about getting a bed

you extrapolate from some people talking about some albergues being full at lunchtime (unlikely to happen in september - just look at the pilgrim stats)

and anyway, if you can't get a bed at an albergue or hostal, something will turn up - or just keep on walking - but whatever you do, don't start worrying about it for the next two months
It's natural to be worried about accommodations for your first night, particularly if you're arriving late in the day.

That said, I agree that things will almost certainly work out without much planning. You should be able to find a place to stay, even if you end up sleeping on the floor.

I'd suggest starting in O Cebreiro. It's a pretty town (if a bit touristy), and it would be a shame to miss it.
Every post deserves a reply. How can people find answers without asking questions? I can certainly understand being concerned about a place to stay especially if this is your first time doing this and your first night staying some place.
I walked last year from September through October and never arrived early at the albergues and never had a problem finding a place to stay.
I agree that it would be a shame to miss O Cebreiro. The view is beautiful.
O'Cebreiro in September

Hola dear peregrino-Andy,
I do hope that your pot-busted foot has healed!!
Besides the albergue, there are 4 inns in O'Cebreiro as well as camping allowed in the field behind the refuge. If you would like their contact details, please let me know.
I have also used the website to plan my trip and from the sunset times, it will still be light when you arrive in O'Cebreiro.
Pilgrim hugs,
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(unlikely to happen in september - just look at the pilgrim stats)

Hi Spursfan,

I am not so sure about that 'unlikely to happen in September'.
The Camino is more crowded than ever and I would like to see the statistics of this year of all the pelgrims, not only those arriving in SDC !
Does anyone know where to find these statistics ?
thanks everyone for the replies

and even thanks to spursfan for spending time responding to a message that hardly deserved a reply.............

thanks Sillydoll : the busted foot is mending well

looks like Cebreiro will be a strong possibility for my start

Buen camino

I think Spursfan is being a little bit harsh. I worried all the way last year (Oct 2006) about whether I would get into an Albergue; where I would get breakfast; where I would get lunch; should I buy food for along the way; would I get my washing dried in time and would the cash hold out lon enough to get to another hole in the wall. All this worry put a dampner on my pilgrimage. The next time I go, and there definitely will be a next time, I intend throwing caution to the wind and getting the most out of every minute of it. You will always get a place in an albergue or somewhere close by. You will not starve. There is always a bar somewhere reasonably close. No matter what the difficulty, there are plenty of pilgrims to help you. As was said to me many times, "we are all pilgrims together" :D

So spursfan don't be hard. I understand your plight but remember there are worse things in life than having to watch Robbie Keane every week.
I met two lads on the way last year who flew into SDC and got a taxi to Cebreiro. Ii don't know how much it cost.. Whatever way you choose to travel, don't miss Cebreiro. It's great.
I was being a little provocative but the tone of the other responses reinforced my main theme - yes, it's good to research the equipment you need and sort out the travel arrangements in advance - but once you're on the Camino you can't expect everything to go to plan - so enjoy the uncertainty and go easy on the worrying
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From a Liverpool fan!

Andy, just check where your bus will drop you. Most go as far as Piedrafita which is about 5kms from the village of O'Cebreiro. You could call for a taxi to take you up the hill (Taxis: 982.36.71.65) or start your walk from there.

And, most important for those doing the camino frances from Roncesvalles or St Jean - take your time - you do not have to race and cover the whole camino frances in 3 weeks.

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