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City on the road to Finisterre?


New Member
I was trying to find out the name of a town on the road from Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre. I want to say it was one i passed during my first day out of Santiago. I remember approaching the town on the south side of a river which was flowing to the west. There was a beautiful bridge spanning over the river there, built with arches. Before the bridge, there was a large spillway all the way across the river (complete with a rope swing as any good river should have ;) After the spillway, the water passed through a large garden of boulders right before the bridge.
I remember this little village as one of the most beautiful places i crossed on my whole trip. People were out sitting by the river and even playing in it, the whole place basking in a lazy golden sunset...
As I lost the roll of film i took of santiago and finisterre, I have no record of this place other than in my memory. I would greatly like to find the name of the place, and indeed, return there again someday. Thanks for any help!
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I have John Brierleys guide to the Camino Fisterra in front of me (have not been there myself yet, next year maybe...) and there is a photo and description of a 100m medieval bridge over the river Tambre - the Ponte Maceira. The guidebook says the hamlet is one of the best preserved in Galicia with fine mansions (pazos) lining the river bank and houses with armorial shields.

Does this sound like the one you mean? If not, let me know and I will keep reading to find the one you are looking for...

Kind regards, Laura


Veteran Member
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New Member
Thats It! It looks like bridge at Ponte Maceira is just outside the town of Negreira.

I have been searching as well and came across an OK photo of it on flickr.

Defiantly worth checking out!
Thanks for the quick reply...Ill have to spend more time there next time through...Galicia is just incredible.


I also think the place you are writing about is Ponte Maceira. I have walked this way twice and each time the view over the river was wonderful even in March. The village is just before Negreira. I have also been back for a holiday in Finisterre and Muxia.
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Yes, definately Ponte Maceira, 3km before Negreira. Hope these bring back the memories. Taken last summer on 30 July.


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New Member
Does anyone know if there are accommodation's available there? Its the kind of place I wouldn't mind staying for a week and just getting away from it all..


Active Member
There is no accommodation at Ponte Maceiras listed in the John Brierley book - in fact there is nothing listed for anywhere between Santiago de Compostela and Negreira. This edition is 2003 so perhaps not very up to date.



Active Member
Re: Ponte Maceira Village on the way to Finisterre

We walked through here last July and there was a very pleasant restaurant just before you cross the bridge (a good place for lunch if the time is right but also good for a drink otherwise). I think that they were advertising accommodation as well but I'm not certain. It's too near Santiago for most people I guess but if you wanted to do a very short day at the start of the walk to Finisterre it might be worth it. Ring them first though to check - here's some pics of the restaurant (with telephone number): ... 329&cidi=G

and some comments about how expensive (or not) it is (scroll down for more comments):

Javier Martin

Veteran Member
Re: Ponte Maceira Village on the way to Finisterre

Anyway, is a nice and quite place. A good alternative to Negreira, a good town, quite important, with a new albergue (outside the town) but ... it's interesting to know any other option.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
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Don't know if this info is too late for you now but just wanted to confirm that as Johnny says the restaurant in Ponte Maceira does offer rooms. When I passed it about a week ago there was a sign outside offering dinner, bed and breakfast for 25 euros - sounds like a bargain to me!

Unfortunately it was closed when I was there so I couldn't go in and check it out. Although it was pouring with rain at that moment I could see it was a beautiful setting and must be idyllic on a warm day.

Hope you find your way back there one day!


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