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Hi All,

I'm in the process of purchasing my gear (mainly clothes) can anyone suggest stores in Sydney (Australia) or even online stores which sell relatively cheap gear but good quality?

Buen Camino
Love and smiles
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Kathmandu and Paddy Pallin are probably the better stores, although saw some good shirts and pants in (I think) Camping World recently.

Kathmandu currently have a sale, so check that out. Most of my stuff came from there, and at half price. Boots and backpack I got at Paddy Pallin.

Hi Trudy,

Thanks for the advice, I'm off to grab a couple of bargains from Kathmandu and Paddy Pallin at lunch today.

Fingers crossed I'll find some great bargains.

Thanks again

Buen Camino
Love and smiles
Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd let people know you can pick up some really great bargains on Ebay as well. I've been quite lucky and found some great gear which retail for nearly 3 times the amount.

All the best
TravellingSonn said:
Fingers crossed I'll find some great bargains.

I would be concerned less with bargains and more with quality equipment that has attributes like: lightweight, multi-usability, durability, quick-drying, good fit, etc. To save cash, I bought some gear at a discount, but some of it turned out to be unsuitable for the Way - and I had to ditch it on the trail, thus eliminating my bargain savings.

The ability to try things on before buying or to return them for exchange/refund is handy as well - not sure how that works on eBay.

But then again, I wasn't a hiking expert before I did the Camino (and I'm not one now, either). If you're knowlegeable about outdoor stuff, then I'm sure you'll be fine, and you will also conserve whatever form of currency you spend Down Under... :wink: :arrow:
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Hi Vinotinto,

I'm a little cheeky, I try on the clothes at the camping store and then I see if anyone is selling them on ebay, I've been able to snap up quite a few bargains and save alot of $. :D

Buen Camino
Love and smiles
TravellingSonn said:
I'm a little cheeky, I try on the clothes at the camping store and then I see if anyone is selling them on ebay, I've been able to snap up quite a few bargains and save alot of $.

That's a good idea - once I get a pad w/Internet access, I'll have to adopt your cheeky shopping tactics... :wink: :arrow:
Hi TS,

We got most of our gear on the weekend from Paddy Palin (who are having a great sale BTW). Our packs were 30% off! (We went with the Osprey 35's) We also joined the store club to get 10% off everything else. It cost 16bucks for the membership, which lasts for a year.

I'm still deciding on tops, I'm not sure whether to lash out on quick drying shirts or not, I was planning on using regular T's but given that it's going to be pretty chilly in March/April, I'm concerned about cotton stuff drying adequately. Hmmmm


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