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Comments on the Chemin and Accommodation.Pt 1



Hi wasn't going to do this but I always look through other peoples information as much as possible so here's mine for my recent time on the Arles route.

I set off walking from Grabels, 9km west of Montpellier on the 21st May. I had jumped on a 6am train that morning from Lille, I had been staying at my girlfriends for a few days, the train went direct to Montpellier, stopping at Charles de Gaulle Airport train station, Lyon and Valence.

I had already booked the 1st 8 nights, this was new territory for me and wanted to play safe to begin with. When my gf rang the Gites to book on my behalf they said that I had to spray my backpack against bedbugs and provide evidence of it, when I arrived in Montpellier I found some bottles of Clako in a pharmacy looking on to the main square. There is several pharmacies but it was in the first one I came to, so the others may have them as well.
I stopped in Montarnaud for my 1st night at the Halte Vers Compostelle contact, I was the only pilgrim there in a 8 bed top apartment , but I know everywhere else was full, a mixture of tourists and pilgrims. I think I paid 15 Euros incl breakfast, had a takeaway pizza that evening- demi-pension was not on offer.
The next night I was in St. Guilhelm le Desert, an intact medieval village which was also a pilgrimage center in its time. I stayed at the Carmelites de Saint Joseph, I really liked this place, there was a real friendly hospitality on offer, the one downside was us -the pilgrims- there was 9 of us staying there and a few wanted to keep talking well after 10 pm, I had noticed on the condition's of accommodation that there was to be silence after 9.30pm, I was laid on my bed and could see shutters being closed outside in the courtyard as the people kept talking.I could have said something but had set of with an intention of not putting myself in a position where my big mouth could get me into trouble, to have a peaceful Camino. I had gone to the 6.30 service with the nuns to the church and had watched them keep a quiet dignity as tourists walked around them taking photos.
The next few days from here are very demanding and unless you want very long days or are very fit then it is best to take small steps to begin with, more of this later
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Out of curiosity, what do you present as evidence that you have treated your backpack?


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Out of curiosity, what do you present as evidence that you have treated your backpack?
Where they sell Clako they have a supply of little labels you can tie on your pack that says "I don't carry bedbugs, I'm treated with Clako" - or words to that effect. In French of course. Clako is ridiculously expensive compared to Yates Pyrethrum spray, but it smells nice. And is a handy pilgrim size.


I didn't know about the label, I was just going to rummage around in my bag and present the bottle. Only one person asked and that was on the first night and I sprayed it front of them.
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