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Compeed in U.S.?


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I've heard great things about Compeed blister plasters, but they seem to be aviailable only in the U.K. Anyone know where to buy them in the U.S. (without having them shipped from the U.K.)? Or, anyone recommend another similar product available in U.S.?
Thanks in advance!
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In australia the hospital I worked at called it Comfeel-which may be the name in the US too.
I got some at Walmart. I think it was Bandaid brand and was for blisters. It says compeed in small print on the side of the package.

The Bandaid brand blister packs you find in the US are, in fact, Compeed. Bandaid took over the Compeed company 2 or 3 years ago, and now manufacture under the Bandaid name.

In Australia it's called Bandaid Blister Block, so might have a similar name in the US.
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It is also everyhwere in pharmacies in Spain, if I had a few bucks I'd invest in Compeed Espana!!

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