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Correct. I had friends visit me in Portugal in April 2023. They were here for a river cruise on the Douro and several days touring Lisbon. When the returned home after 2 weeks in Portugal, they discovered they had Covid.
Hola all,
COVID is alive and doing it's thing on Camino ... Be aware and careful..specially if bathroom seems wet and crowded don't go there and wear masks in large mixed dormitories. Love, blessings and Buen Camino!
There also seem to be a lot of Spanish restaurants that get crowded at the evening meal time, and they don’t try to ensure ventilation. If anyone in the room has Covid, everyone else is going to get it. And there are also pilgrims who readily share that they’re vaccinated, and they seem to think just those initial two shots mean you’re safe and won’t be a carrier. That’s wrong. There are also people coughing and not bothering to cough into their arm, and some who get indignant if you’re wearing a mask, as if that means you think you have it. Please, everyone. Be decent and considerate. Be up to date on vaccinations before you come, wear a mask indoors, and cough into your arm.
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