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Credential — dual pilgrimage


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I bought the dual pilgrimage credentials for my originally plan to walk both in Japan and Spain last year, and then the world changed…

Can I use a mix of this one and the holy year credential to get my completion certificate at SdC?
This credential has 40 squares for stamps if I go on a stamp collection spree, and have more than one credential booklets is it ok? EE3C716B-EA6A-45DC-9BA0-D9EC972B39B8.jpeg
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Credencial models useable for Compostela purposes must have been approved by the Cathedral, which the top one in that image looks like it may have been. But if you're planning on getting a second one locally, or otherwise obtaining an "official" Spanish one, you'll be fine.


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Well you can add plain paper to extend an accredited credencial so I can’t see that being an issue. Even on a short ten-day section of a Camino I set out with a couple of blank credentials and have never struggled to fill them.
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Can I use a mix of this one and the holy year credential to get my completion certificate at SdC?
I think you ought to clarify first what you understand by "completion certificate" in SdC. You no doubt know that you get your
  • Way of St James Completion Stamp at the Pilgrims Office near the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.
  • Kumano Kodo Completion Stamp at a stand next to the Amulet Office of the Kumano Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine.
  • Dual Pilgrim Completion Stamp in Santiago at the Tourist Office (Turismo de Santiago Information Center)
As @JabbaPapa pointed out, the fifth logo printed on the credential in your photo is the logo of the Cathedral of Santiago which indicates that this credential is recognised by them as a valid document to prove that you have walked the last 100 km to Santiago. To get your Way of St James Completion Stamp at the Pilgrims Office, you can use any mix of credentials recognised by the Cathedral of Santiago, hence both types of credentials that you have.

Together with your Way of St James Completion Stamp you can can also obtain a certificate called Compostela.
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The comments above about only using a Cathedral approved credential are valid. You can print out a blank, lined add-in page for any credential here:

Go to post #31.

This said, the blank pages must be affixed to an authorized version of the credential. You can see an example of the "official" version of the credential here:

These are available widely in Spain. Also, major pilgrim organizations across the world all have authorized credentials. You can get one of these from your national Friends of the Camino group.

They are also available from Ivar's store here. Or, you can obtain one at your starting place. Most tourist information offices, churches, cathedrals, etc. will sell them for about €2.00.

Hope this helps.

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I used that Dual Pilgrim passport to walk the Kumano Kodo in 2018 (taking along my 2 credencials which I’d used walking the Frances over 2 years so as to get my DP certificate).
Later in 2018 I walked some of the Portuguese Camino and used the DP credencial.
It was fine. In fact some people in albergues had never seen one like it, but I had no issues in claiming a compostela with it.


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Having received the Dual Pilgrimage pin (and certificate) in Japan in October 2019 I can tell you what we did. We took a credencial from one of our caminos in Spain with us and used the credencial you have shown in the original post for our walk on the Kumano Kodo. We also took with us a compostela but actually I think our credencial would have been sufficient. I did observe a couple of New Zealanders showing their "proof" on a phone so that may be another option. having 2 seperate credencials means that you can see both at once or seperately, and if you want to frame them that is possibel too, rather than only being able to display the one side.

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