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This may seem really weird but has anyone experienced back problems from wearing Crocs ?? (those lightweight moulded soft spongy shoes with holes in them)

I bought some crocs on holiday to try out as a lightweight shoe to wear in the evenings whilst on the Camino. They are bulky but really lightweight.

No joke but I developed sciatica and hip pain with a weak low back after wearing them for a week, maybe they are not designed for too much walking??

I think it is my gluteus minimus or gluteus medius that is playing up.

Just thought I’d post this in case anyone else has had any problems.

In my experience I would give them a wide berth.

I start my Camino in three weeks – I do hope my back clears up by then.

So much for fashionable footwear…………..

Buen Camino

Andy F
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Andy, I hope you recover soon. Many pilgrims think Crocs are great because of they are light and airy. Indeed in the hospital with which I have some association they are often the footwear of choice for nurses who walk many miles each day.

I'm, sorry you seem to have had a bad experience with them.


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sorry! I meant to add that Clarks the well known UK Shoe retailer now has a "Superlight" range - casual shoes at under 0.5 kilos. I found them ideal to wear as "normal" shoes with socks in the evening during a winter camino.


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I used Crocks as my town shoe and my shower shoes both, during my walk last September.
Walked quite a bit around town at night too. Some times I wore socks, some times not. They were really comfortable . . . and light.
Bulk? I just rolled up my socks, t-shirt or what ever and stuffed it into the Crocks so they took up no extra room.
The light weight was my first concern, and they have now become my preferred casual shoe.
Knock offs or copies should be fine, since they are usually cheaper.
Sorry you had a problem with them on your try out. Use what works for you. That's most important.


:shock: your crocks are they the real one or fakes?
iv got a pair of real and fake the real one i wear all summer long walk alot in them during the festivals here iv spend 8hours+ whit them on and never had pains anywhere! but fake one after 1-2hours my lower back and hips hurt and i better walking bear foot then having fakes on!
BIG diffrence :wink:
How to avoid failure "be prepared"
3rd Edition. More content, training & pack guides avoid common mistakes, bed bugs etc


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Yo Santos!

They were fakes, only £4 !, what a cheapskate I am !
That helps explain the problem

thank you kindly :)

Buen Camino


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