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Crossing the Pyrenees: Alternative trail off mountain instead of steep trail


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Camino Frances (August 31, 2022)
I am planning to stay overnight at Orisson and hiking to Roncesvalles the next morning. I see that there is an alternative segment that is not as steep as the main trail. This segment kicks you out onto N-135 just north of Roncesvalles. Everything was booked in Roncesvalles so we booked a place in Burguete, which is the next town along the camino. Wondering how to get a taxi to Burguete. I heard there isn't Uber. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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Today I walked from Borda to Burguete, and the last 2,5 kms from Roncesvalles to Burguete is a breeze!
I would consider walking instead of taking a taxi; the section is mostly shaded by woods and doesn't go up or down :)
Thanks Hannah!
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the last 2,5 kms from Roncesvalles to Burguete is a breeze!
I agree. Definitely take the easier, paved road route, down to Roncesvalles, take a photo by the iconic sign ("Santiago de Compostela 790") and stroll on through woodland on a level path to Burguete. Nice village with two hotels and a supermercado.
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I also stayed in Orisson and decided to skip Roncesvalles the next day as it would have been too short a day and would have put me in "the bubble". I later heard reports of two hour waits to check in at the albergue and was glad I had made that decision. This was mid-September 2021, with lots of people starting out at the same time from SJPP.

After a lunch break in Roncesvalles, I resumed walking and stayed in Espinal that night. I did take the steeper route down to Roncesvalles, though. It was a last-minute decision based on the recommendation of the hospitalero in SJPP about how nice and peaceful those woods are. It was nice and peaceful, but also steep and rocky, as reported. I tripped and fell once - thankfully without injury or witnesses!

My next CF, God willing, will probably be in 2025 with my wife (I went alone in 2021). We will definitely skip that steep section in deference to her knee and my then-70 years of age!
I did take the steep section, but had my pack couriered to Roncesvalle due to weather condition. I walked down carefully, as I had been warned, and had no problems. However, I met others who had tripped and sprained knees, ankles, and head injuries. Just need to be careful, and realise there are risks especially if the weather is bad and the ground is muddy and slippery.
I've walked to Roncesvalles 3 times, and I've always taken the more gentle path to the right. I didn't want to end my Camino before it had really gotten started. It seems that the Pilgrim's Office always has a story of someone spraining an ankle or breaking an arm just the day before when going down the steep path.
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