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data card transfers


I was wondering if there were places along the camino where I could get data transferred from a camera’s data card onto a dvd (I want to ensure I have backups mailed home). Would I look for computer shops, internet cafés, or photography shops?
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Hi - I had two CD's done whilst walking. One in Leon and the other in Puenta La Reina.
The one in Leon was a Kodak Shop and the one in Puenta La Reina was a photographer's showroom (just across the road from the Buen Camino albergue) called Embajada del Peregrino. He persuaded me to put on a pilgrim hat with a turned up brim that had a scallop shell on the front. He took my photograph and then made a CD label with it. (Don't laugh - its rude!)
You will find the shop here:
My advice to anyone using a digital camera is to use Lithium batteries. I didn't take a charger, just 4 batteries and only had to change the first two after taking about 300 photographs on high resolution.


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sillydoll said:
My advice to anyone using a digital camera is to use Lithium batteries. I didn't take a charger, just 4 batteries and only had to change the first two after taking about 300 photographs on high resolution.
Thanks for this advice sil. I was going to take alkaline batteries and buy more as I went- rather than bother about trying to recharge as I would do at home. I never knew you could buy lithium batteries in an AA size even. However, I saw some at the supermarket yesterday, and bought them! ( I suspect they might be relatively new on the market here, though maybe I have just not noticed them before!)
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I had been walking with a pilgrim whose camera disappeared, so I took pictures for both of us and needed to put on a cd so he could take home his second half of his journey in pictures..
I wanted to share with you that I had a 4 gig SD card in my camera and found one store only in Santiago, after going to approximately 15 shops,that were able to transfer the pictures to a cd or dvd.
Recommendation: do not take one bigger than 2 gigs. Take a few though...
Just to add my two cents advise on data card transfer:

a) Yes it is better to take a 2 gb camera card as it is easier to edit than a 4 gb card

b) Yes carrying a few sets of lithium battery hold more charge than the normal throwaway batteries and is easier than carrying a charger, the Spanish sockets need an adapter to suit the two pin flat plugs used in NZ and OZ if you bring a charger. We found that using the video capability of our camera chewed up a lot of power, but battery replacements could be done on the go.

c) We carried cheap flash drives and a card reader, these little gadgets allowed us to transfer the day's photos, videos, and audio notes, from the delicate camera cards into the flash drives (pen drives) through the USB connection on the computer whilst we were on the internet. The transfers can be done simultaneously whilst emails are read and replied. We also edited the photos in the flash drives at leisure so that they could fit into a CD when an opportunity arose.

d) Modern computers have inbuilt card readers and CD/DVD writer, so perhaps in the not too distant future you can transfer, edit, save, and burn CD's without using a separate tiny card reader and looking for a CD burning shop during the Camino. I am hopeful of this upgrading of computers as Spain's tech-savvy is second to none.

Hope this help


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