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Okay, folks: Am I going to be able to stand myself? No one ever has deodorant on their packing lists.
And because I'm so conscious of keeping my pack less than 17 lbs (7.73 kilos) I haven't included deodorant. What do others think about body odor? My hiking mentor says she washes with Dial soap every other day, and that does the trick. What does the Forum community think?

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Jacki Dufty

New Member
Hi Janet, You know your body - do you think you need it? Some people don't but some people most certainly do. Really bad body odor makes me want to puke. I always use a crystal - doesn't weigh much at all and does the job.


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One of my favorite frases used when meeting a fellow-pilgrim:
"Hi, nice smelling you again" :mrgreen:

I used a heavy-duty 5 days working deodorant, but it didn't get the job done.
I saw other pilgrims smelling their own odour and apparently thinking: "Wow, is that me?!" :oops:

Problem appears to me:
your jacket (I wouldn't dare washing it, in fear it'll still be wet the next day)
Sleeping bag (same with that one, no washing for six weeks)
Shoulder straps on your back-pack

Carli Di Bortolo


Active Member
To be honest I think all pilgrims just smell... certainly after the first few days. Just be pleased you're not medieval - all the way in one set of clothes and no washing til lavacolla! :wink:


Active Member
Past OR future Camino
(2006) Roncesvalles to Leon (2007) Leon to Compostela
I always take deodorant, it doesn't weigh that much, and also managed small quantities of face cream and body lotion.

A lot of packing lists include 'toiletries' as one item but, because we all take diffrent thing, these are not always itemised, but deodorant would certainly be included. Most pilgrims I've seen on the Camino really do use deodorant, albergues would be just horrible if they didn't. So, please take some with you!

2022 Camino Guides
The 2022 Camino guides will be coming out little by little, most of them by the end of 2021. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
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I took a travel size deoderant and replaced with a new one around the end of week three. Others will appreciate its use. It will keep your clothing and pack a little less funky too. Frankly I did not run into too many folks who smelled so I think deoderant use is fairly normal. There is also a "rock" from health food stores that some used.


Veteran Member
Past OR future Camino
SDC-Fisterra 08/Camino Frances SJPP to SDC 09/Nuremburg-SDC 11- ongoing
Hi Janet,
I was considering taking one of those crystal sticks but then reckoned that, as my deodorant would be the closest thing to perfume my packing would allow, I'd take a scented spray (but be careful not to pollute the whole room with or other common areas with it). Having walked from SJPP wearing sweaty rain gear for most of the time we were more than a little scruffy by the time we got to Leon, and though not dirty we were never really squeaky clean from end of week one.
No matter what we did there was always a slight whiff of 'L'eau de Pelerin' about us and our gear :? On the plus side ones nose does becomes de-sensitised to all but the strongest of odours. By the way though overt 'pit sniffing' is acceptable en route just remember to dial it down once you get home as it may not be received with such grace :oops: .

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