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diabetes and the walk again

ann kirkwood

New Member
Thanks for the replies about freezers. I read on one of the links in a reply that a thermos in a fridge over night is adequate for insulin storage, so no need for freezer.
So you think access to a fridge will not be a problem?
I was wondering whether there is an official website that would have info like this. I'm sure Phil is not the first diabetic to attempt the walk.
Thanks Ann.
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Hello Ann. Access to a fridge will not be a problem in the albergues located on the Caminos that am familiar with: Aragones, Frances, Primitivo, Portugues, Fisterra, + (beg/end) Norte. Now, things may happen, electric short circuit, and what not, which may affect a fridge at a given section, but on the whole, albergues have them. I'm in the process of getting some info from a Spanish friend, who's a diabetic himself, and has a blog specifically on this subject vis-a-vis the Camino. Question: do u read Spanish? Best, xm 8)
Hi Ann, here's a link that will take u to a Spanish language Diabetes-related forum that's kept by a peregrino from Zaragoza. There's a link to the Camino in it. Let me know if the English language links I sent u before helped. We (friends) r still trying to find spec info re: the Camino and Diabetics. Best, xm 8)
Hello again. Here's my friend's Spanish language answer. First off, do a search via google on what specifics u want to find out. He included the link below which apparently helps in translations. The e-mail is pretty informative but it is in Spanish and I don't know yet if u understand the language. If u want, we could set up communication via msn/yahoo and I can translate it for u, got web/ca. Let me know. Though I should think there must be a lot of info on the subject in Internet. Whatever u find, please share it with the forum. best, xm 8)

A ver .. los demas tampoco sabemos ingles y nos arreglamos bien con las
herramientas de Google

Con eso y un poco de paciencia traduce todo lo que necesite y encuentre
en nuestra lista ... te lo digo yo que ando leyendo webs en japones
estos dias

Supongo yo que no se vendra a hacer el Camino sin el menor entrenamiento
.. vamos, que espero que durante una semana antes, al menos este
haciendo tramos de 20 kilometros diarios ..

Si no es asi, que mejor no venga antes de conseguir hacer varios dias
esos tramos

Y si es asi, ya sabe que grado de agotamiento le produce y que debe de
hacer para compensar la hipoglucemia

Aqui con que se meta a media mañana un bocadillo de tortilla, ya lo
tiene todo arreglado. eso le mete un subidon de glucosa en sangre pero a
buena marcha en hora y media tiene ya la glucemia arreglada

Si es que no hay nada mejor que meterse a andar !!

A lo sumo y en plan pijo y tecno, podria llevar unas barras energeticas
sin azucar y con hidratos de carbono lentos.

Una chorrada, yo preferiria recomendarle un chorizo a la brasa en un
buen trozo de pan , pero si le gustan esas mariconaditas envueltas en
papel de plata que no se preocupe, que me lo diga que yo se las consigo
aqui, las vende Granovita, son bio y estan muy buenas, las encontrara en
las tiendas de dietetica de Madrid y Pamplona

Por lo demas basta llevar en la mochila unas galletas y una fruta para
comer a medio camino ... y vale

Quizas le sea de interes un pequeño tubo cilindrico para colgar al
cuello que me trajo el año pasado XM, valia 2 o 3 dolares nada mas, y en
el se meten las pastillas de glucosa. En caso de emergencia puede
recurrir a ellas

Tambien me trajo una fantastica pulsera de neopreno con la
identificacion completa (nombre, direccion telefonos, muy util para un
caso de emergencia

Y puestos a buscar seguridad, que se traiga sus datos e historia medica
metidos en una barra de memoria , un memory flash, por si tienen que
atenderlo aqui

Estas cosas de la 'seguridad' a los americanos les encantan ... pero
son normas basicas que cualquier diabetico de viaje ya sabe y tienen en

Espero que ese diabetico no sea del tipo I .. las cosas en este caso
cambian algo

Thank you xm for your many replies. I am grateful for your time and interest. I found your links helpful especially info about thermos storage. I directed my friend to them. I don't speak Spanish unfortunately so any other info in English would be appreciated.
Thanks again Ann.
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ann: check out the translating from Spanish to English goggle link mentioned in my post. But there's so much stuff in English it's incredible. Best, xm 8)
Ann, hi, just read this website re Diabetes, Im planning next May 2010 to do the walk from Le Puy to Santiago, friends just returned and in the meantime my life style has change with diabetes, walking 42kms per walk, 2xsessions of boxing per week, strict diet, like diabetes, the challenge of walking this walk will be my biggest challenge and my diabetes with stay 2nd to that. Im positive and strong.
Looking forward to 2010
regards and thanks
Sorrento, Vic

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