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Planning Sarria to Santiago( 2020 )
Hi, this is my first post and I'm in no hurry for a reply as 2020 is the opportunity when walking Sarria to Santiago comes around for me.
Use a sleep apnoea machine when sleeping, which is why the thread title questions the availability of power (and relatively close at hand) in allergies which I would prefer for the communal experience. If not possible I guess I'll investigate pensions or cheap hotels.
Thanks for your reply and gidday to all.


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Holy Year from Pamplona 2010, SJPP 2011, Lisbon 2012, Le Puy 2013, Vezelay (partial watch this space!) 2014; 2015 Toulouse-Puenta la Reina (Arles)
Buen Camino! Two small suggestions: 1) No one will bat an eye once you hook up the sleep apnoea machine h-o-w-e-v-e-r we live in the cursed age of...Mobile phones... and the need to recharge the miserable things. Bring along a power strip to allow greater access other pilgrims will thank you.
2) Clearly mark your machine bright colors and a Red Cross no mistakes needed! It is common Camino practice for any number of early risers to head for the front door at 0530AM stumble-thumping all the way so make sure it is in a secure position before "now I lay my head to sleep"!


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Norte (2015), Frances (2016)
I used a CPAP from SJPD to Logrono and had no problems. Occasionally I had to ask others to move so that I was near enough to a socket but when the alternative, in terms of noise to them, of not moving was explained I had remarkably few problems. At Logrono I posted the CPAP to Ivar, primarily because of its weight, and used a small mandibular device. I have since completely stopped using CPAP or mandibular devices and been discharged from the sleep clinic as cured.

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