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Do albergues refuse the pilgrims who don't carry their packs

Camino(s) past & future
SJpdP to Santiago ( Sept-Oct 2018)
And to me its a no brainer, tis better for me to walk 800km to Santiago with assistance than to curl up and get lost in health related excuses for not ever trying. Whilst I hear the frustration of those who want guaranteed cheaper accommodations and feel that they earn them by walking without support, I am brought to wonder, is the Camino not a victim of its own success? In which case best to go with the flow , remain flexible and adapt to changing tech culture, booking practices or try less populous routes perhaps? While some may still wish to walk without phone or GPS tech, those that use it are walking the walk of their own place in time. And that, to me, is the crunch of the matter. We walk within our allotted place in time, utilising our contemporaneous means to interact with the Camino , yet the Camino endures even as we change and adapt..I believe gourd camelbaks were once the ultimate in new tech!!



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Camino(s) past & future
2015 SJPD to Burgos
2017 Leon to Santiago
Pamplona to Santiago Mar. 2018
Burgos - SCDC (Oct 18)

I have walked and carried my pack every step of The Way. That said, I feel no ill will towards others who may have sent their pack ahead or traveled by other means for a day or two. They are doing the Camino their way and should be considered, imo, like any other Peregrino to a bed. Most of the people I saw/met along the way who sent their pack ahead walked with day packs. They were usually much slower than others and could not manage the entire weight and walk.

I do not believe Albergues in the old days prioritized or discriminated between Pilgrims who came on horseback/mule or had a horse/mule drawn cart to carry their belongings versus those who walked. On the other hand, I would not be against prioritization rules as long as they were published or known versus Hospitalero's subjectively making that decision.

Bottom line here is everything I have said is my opinion. You have asked a question to drive a decision between you and your friends. I go back to my original post advice here. This is your Camino and you should do it your way.

Great Post! We try and carry as much as we can, but my sister has medical issues, so we send a bag ahead when we can. In off times, Feb. March...we carry more than we normally due. At those times, I carry a BP and pulse-Ox machine . Some supplies I send ahead a week to a larger city and we stay nearby the post office so we can easily obtain and return the bag, reposting it a week ahead. We walk with 30 and 35 liter Osprey bags.

I assume that every person walking is doing their best to make their Camino meaningful. Many people would not be able to walk without these services.
We always stay in private albergues and make reservations and, therefore, we do not experience the resentment of, I am sure, only a very few, who think they should receive priority because they have carried everything. I guess, I am confused as to why someone would be upset with others speeding by with no pack? Do we not all make our own choices? Is anyone forcing anyone else to carry a heavy load? Rejoice with those pilgrims who are happily speeding by with just a little fanny pack and rejoice with us turtles.
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