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Dry Bag

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Many of the equipment lists are missing an essential item, a "dry bag" for use in showers. You will be taking EVERYTHING into the shower -- you, your dirty clothes, your clean clothes, your towel, your shower items like soap and luffa. I have been in showers as small as about 30" x 30". Water sprays everywhere. A single hook for clothes is normal, and I have had showers where there was no hook. You will want to put everything in the bag while you shower, and the bag must be sufficiently waterproof to keep its contents dry under a potentially direct assault by water. I have had good success with a GoLite stuff sack, which is extremely light, roomy, and has a drawstring that closes it very well. It is made of nylon that repels water very well in a shower setting. I am sure there are many such products out there.
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Hmm, I've been wondering about that. I'd just take several really light plastic bags and some of those ziplock ones for smaller stuff. You never know when that sort of stuff will come in handy...



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For my return trip to the Camino Frances to complete my 2nd half, I actually brought an 'over-the-door" plastic hook so that I could hang up towels/clothes in the event that there weren't any hooks. I still curse the day when I left it behind in Sahagun! I realized it was missing about 2 hours after the shower but someone had already made off with it....

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ZipLok bags are light and cheap, but they are hard to hang from a hook in the shower. Take one large enough for your clothes, camera, wallet, and towel. Has anyone discovered a good way to hang them? Even on the floor of a shower, they will keep your towel and clothes dry.


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Something that worked well for me for hanging just about anything anywhere was a gadget I made myself. I bought some "alligator clips", the kind for electrical connections, and connected two of them together with 6-8 inches of light weight polyester cord - essentially a short line with a clip at each end. You can put a sock on each end and hang it over a line, hook both ends to an item and hang it over a hook, etc.
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