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e biking from Sarria to Santiago


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I am new to the forum so I hope I will find a way to see the answers to this post. I will be walking from Astorga to Saria in October and plan to be in Saria on October 17th where my husband would join me (flying to Santiago from NYC and taking an uber to Saria) The plan is to rent e bikes in saria,(I have a spanish friend who will order them for me so they are there) and ride to Santiago. Is it realistic to be able to make it to Santiago on October 20th? I imagine we would leave on October 18th from saria. I heard that the bike path is different. Where can I get that information and does anyone know the riding distance from Saria to Santiago on bike? Thank you in advance.
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To qualify for compostela on bicycle, you must ride the last 200km, so not starting from Sarria. It seems there are many companies that will rent out e-bikes on the Camino and they will deliver it to your address.
The answer is yes. E-bikes have a range on eco of up to 100km. Splitting into 2 sections is achievable.

You don't even need an E-bike. But no compostela

As regards the route, it would be (very) sensible to take the bike route as the number of walkers from Sarria onwards are such that you wouldn't make much progress.

Search for Eurovelo 3 which is also called the Pilgrim Route. GPX files available

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You can build your route here and choosing bikes, but their recommended distance of 45km per day for bike seems like an easy way!

There are two issues here. Both only apply IF you want to qualify for a Compostela.

1. Anyone riding a bicycle into Santiago from a Camino route MUST cycle the FINAL 200 kilometers on that recognized route, into Santiago. For example, this generally means starting at Ponferrada on the Camino Frances or Camino Invierno, or at Porto on the Camino Portuguese. Cycling from Sarria, Tui or Ferrol, would not be enough to qualify.

2. If anyone uses an electric assist bicycle for a Camino, it must be incapable of being ridden without pedaling. In other words, only Category I electric bikes - without throttles - qualify. The test is simple:

- If you MUST pedal for any electric assist to apply, and if you stop pedaling there is NO ELECTRIC ASSIST, this bicycle will qualify you for a Compostela, assuming you met the distance requirement.

- On the other hand, if the bicycle is capable of being ridden SOLELY ON ELECTRIC POWER, without pedaling at all, this bicycle does NOT QUALIFY you for a Compostela.

This said, the security guards are supposed to inform arriving bicycle pilgrims of this fact. However, I am unaware if the rule is being applied.

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Your timeframe is more than enough to go from Sarria to Santiago by bike. My favorite map app is for the Camino. For example, if you go to the section where you find Sarria, you’ll clearly see the blue line indication the Camino. You will also see the pink dots and the bicycle icon for the recommended cycling route. Sometimes you’re right on the Camino; sometimes, it reroutes off it because the terrain might not be as suitable for a bike. As you’ll see most of the day out of Sarria to Portomarin, the bike route is on the road. Download the maps for northwestern Spain and you’ll have a good resource for your ride.
My favorite map app is for the Camino.
@clevpt, there is a relationship between and Windy Maps. It is a recent rename or merger or something. I mention this just in case you want to do some research. I'm not a user (but not because I don't like it; I've just got enough other navigation apps to not want to bother with another).

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