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Easter impact on accommodation

John R McLean

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Just wondering about Easter on the Camino Primitivo. I will be starting from Oviedo on April 1st. I would normally like to just walk each day and find a place to stop when I get there, however with it being Easter Sunday on April 9th, is it advisable to pre-book a place in an Albergue to stay? If so, would I need to book for Good Friday and Easter Monday as well as Easter Sunday?

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John, more knowledgeable people than I will surely respond, but from my research (September this year, God willing), here's what you might see...

The entirety of Santa Semana (Holy Week) could be dicey, as some places may simply close, especially during Holy Thursday through Easter). Easter Monday isn't such a big thing in Spain, AFAIK (as far as i know). On the other hand, the festivities and parades are said to be wonderful.

Also, there are some early stages on the Primitivo where there aren't services for a long way. So everyone tends to load into the same places.

To add to this, again AFAIK, you can reserve in private hotels/hostels, but not in municipal albergues and perhaps some donativos.

My suggestion is to download either Buen Camino or Wise Pilgrim, and look at your options, and consider guessing and prebooking Good Friday thru Easter. And call to make sure they're open.

Buen Camino.

John R McLean

Time of past OR future Camino
Last: 2020 Via Francigena
Thank you for answering my questions. I have the app and a downloaded list of accommodation. I guess once we hit the ground and get a better idea of where we will be each day, we can look ahead and decide if we need to book. We will speak with the local albergue owners to get a good idea as we go forward.
Cheers! John

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