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Easter Tarta Disaster Averted ????


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We renovated our kitchen several years ago, and since I do not bake often I am still getting used to the very hot French made oven that we purchased. About 10 minutes into the baking process I realized that it was not sugar caramelizing nicely that I was smelling. 😢 We quickly covered our Easter dessert with foil and continued cooking, hoping for the best. I used my husbands jamonera to slice off the burned top, and with a little extra powdered sugar I have high hopes for tomorrow. Since we are not having any guests it doesn't have to look pretty, just taste good. 🤞 Happy Easter to all, and prayers for a soon to be Buen Camino. Ultreia. 🙂
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It definitely was overcooked to say the least, but we were able to salvage the tarta by slicing off the top 1/2 inch and covering it with more powdered sugar than we typically use. Since it is just the two of us for Easter dinner, a little vanilla ice cream with make it all OK. I usually defer to others for baking, and stick to stews and roasts, but every now and again that sweet tooth needs some satisfaction. :)
I have a very close relationship with the timer on my smartphone. It is my most treasured kitchen tool. All I have to do is say "Hey, Siri, turn the timer on for .... minutes". No more burnt cakes.
Ahhh, the remembrance of kitchen disasters past. Worst/best occasion was a chocolate cheese cake I made and left to cool on our kitchen table. I was feeling like a flu bug had grabbed my body, so went to lie down for a bit. My wife walked into the kitchen a few minutes later to see our hound with both paws on the table and just beginning to lick the top of the cheesecake. A severe scolding and ruckus ensued with the mutt banished to the back yard. My wife managed to carve a perfect small circle in the top of the cake, eradicating all indication of doggie damage. Later, I filled the top with chocolate creme icing and served it to our family. No one even noticed the "extra icing" filling the middle of the cake.
Note: no more cheesecake making and I'm 45 lbs lighter... to my family's disappointment and disgust. Occasional pointed remarks (and hints) about chocolate chip chiffon cake, chocolate cheese cake, etc... go unheeded by this righteous convert to healthy eating.
There are no kitchen disasters... just unimaginative chefs. Bon appétit!

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I have a very close relationship with the timer on my smartphone. It is my most treasured kitchen tool. All I have to do is say "Hey, Siri, turn the timer on for .... minutes". No more burnt cakes.
I don't have Siri or Alexa, and there is no cell phone service at my house. We were using a simple kitchen timer; that was only half way through the time we had set. I knew I should have checked sooner, but I don't like to open the oven door. We’ll continue to perfect. Yum. :)

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