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El Camino Ingles vs Camino Portugues


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Hallo all!

I've been gathering some info on the Camino Portugues and found everyone's input very friendly and helpful.

If I understand correctly the Portugues route runs a bit more to industrial areas and busy roads and a little less to peaceful countryside as it seems the Camino Ingles does.

Is there anybody out there who has done both and can give me a realistic comparison between the two? It will be our first Camino and my husband and I are nature people at heart so we would love to spend as much time as possible away from the bustle.

I had a look at some photo's of the Camino Ingles and it seems to be exactly what we're looking for, but some personal input will be appreciated.

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Yes, and Johnnie Walker also "wrote the book" on both Portuguese and English ways!
He is presently doing an update on the Camino de Madrid, but should be back in action here within the week. Updated guides to both caminos are available via free download on the CSJ website. Comparing the two of them, one to another, would be a good way to "see" both routes, at least until the expert is back "in the building."

Hello Again (I answered one of your questions on the Portuguese site). In spite of all the moaning about the built up areas on the Portuguese route, these are only short stretches. Day 1 out of Porto goes through suburbs and built up areas, but then becomes quiet country lanes by day 2. There is also a built up area just before you hit Porrino, but this only takes about half an hour to an hour to walk through. There is a small bit of walking along a busy road once you get to the far side of Porrino, but this is for a very short distance. There are bits where you walk on quite country lanes (paved), but there are also many bits where you walk along gravel lanes. You pass through vineyards and pretty stone villages during the much of the route.

I know nothing about the Ingles route, but I am planning on doing this next year.

If you want a wilderness experience, why not try out the Primitivo, which is an off shoot of the Frances which starts in Oviedo. While doing the first 5 stages of the Via de la Plata, I met a couple of very experienced peregrinas who had done a number of caminos. This was their favorite. However, they added that it had a lot of up and down and that it was more of a wilderness experience (the Portuguese is more cultivated countryside than wilderness). You join onto the main Frances route in Melide. This will allow you to experience a few days of the 'Frances experience' before arriving in Santiago.



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Both routes are very different in my view - why not walk both at diferent times! :)

But a general summary might be:

The Camino Portugues from Porto takes double the number of days than the Camino Ingles from Ferrol and three times the number of days as the Camino Ingles from A Coruna. The Camino Portugues has more road/hard surface walking and much less country/pastoral vistas than the Camino Ingles. But the Camino Portugues has more albergues if that is the experience you are looking for. Similarly you will enjoy peaceful walking on the Ingles and perhaps not meet another pilgrim, your chances of meeting others on the Camino Portugues are much higher.

Like people - all of the routes are different!

Happy choosing

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