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Equipment shopping in Holland-prices off the charts advice p


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I have quite a list of things I need to buy as this is my first Camino. Namely:
a backpack, walking shoes, 2-3 sets of socks, sleeping bag liner, shorts, etc.
You get the picture, I guess.

The equipment that I do have does not appear appropriate (boots too heavy, backpack too small or too large/heavy,etc.) so...I went out today to take a look. Well, I was in shock to say the least. One pair of smartwool socks cost 20 euros and a silk liner 45 (Perry sport own brand). I ended up buying a travel clothes line for 3.99 and a set of 3 cotton nappies (seemed useful) for 1.99 and that was it!

Are these normal prices or should I look on? I know that good quality sports equipment is expensive but spending almost 100 euros only on socks seems a bit exagerated.

Plan on going to Beversport and Intersport which are in the area. Any other suggestions?

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I wear Smartwool socks - at our Mountain Equipment Coop here in Canada they cost 20.50 CAD which today = 14.87 € so I guess you're paying about 25% more than we are. Don't have any advice for you but that's just a reference point. There's no point using a North American outlet for your stuff as you'd pay big shipping costs. Perhaps members from other EU / neighboring countries could help with other online outlets you could use.

Best of luck with your equipment-gathering!

Edit: In US dollars today they are 13.39 € at REI, so you're right - prices are cheapest for these items there. I wonder if the shipping costs would be offset by these lower prices if you ordered from Sierra Trading Post, Atrec or REI.....just a thought.

We wear Corrymoor mohair socks Woodlander (Terry) and Companion (Valerie), cushion sole type, with Sportsman as inners. They wear very well. We have 2 sets each in case one gets wet, but they do not need washing as they don't get smelly. Links below and they ship to the EU. - list of sock types and prices - shipping details.
We also use Rohan 'Hot and Inner' wicking socks (£8.00) as a base layer and have no trouble with blisters. 2 pairs of these as they do need washing but dry quickly. Their stuff is expensive and there is a per order shipping charge, minimum £10 to the EU. We find it best to look in their sales section (the Souk) for anything else on offer and make one order.
If you have M&S near you their trekking pants are good and shower proof. Compare well for costs with outdoor stores here.
Hope that helps, and we are really impressed with Corrymoor.
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Hi LTfit,

Don't know which part of Holland you are from but in the bigger belgian cities you can find AS Adventure. To give you an idea : my smartwool socks are 15 €.
Also de Kampeerder in Antwerp has some good deals as have Kariboe in Leuven and Traxs in Hasselt. These last two have a system you buy a share in their company and as a reward you get some serious discounts when you buy stuff there. Also Decathlon, more shops in french speaking part but the shopassistants are bilingual.
Belgian neighbourly greetings!

gd luck!!
Hi Sabine,
Live in Zuid-Holland about 1/2 hr from Amsterdam so shopping in Belgium would be a bit of a jaunt but nothing that you can't do on a week-end :wink: !
Via a tip from someone else found out about the French store Decathlon which apparently has a store in Amsterdam. Checked the website and the prices are FAR BETTER than those which I have seen at my local stores.
Strange that the smartwool socks are so expensive here...can't imagine why there is such a difference in price.
Will google AS Adventure and see what I come up with.
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Hi LT,
Just back from the outlet centre in Roermond where I was brave enough to face the shoppingscrowds :lol:
Anyway : Fjallräven, Lafuma, North Face, Helly Hansen, Nomad all have a shop there. Fjallräven's special of the week was a double discount on the zipoff pants ( normally 110 , now 30 € ).
Lafuma had some serious discounts on the sleepingbags.
Also bought myself the TK2 Falke socks ( midpriced ). Centre is close to railwaystation and worth a visit ( altohugh next time I'll go during the week ).
Hi LTfit,
I can echo what Sabine says re Decathlon chain. I got replacement gortex over trousers for € 20 and some padded walking socks for €7 in the Logrono Decathlon and Frances got really good lighter replacement boots in the same store for about €60....prices we can only dream about in Ireland. Though the brand choices were different from those we were used to they did have great choice and as the proof of the pants/boots is in the walking we were delighted with the quality of the goods we bought.
Thanks Sabine and Nell for your tips!

I too was off shopping on Saturday (agree during the week would have been better!). Found a Decathlon in Amsterdam and bought 3 tech shirts at €5,60 a piece, a head lamp for under €10 and a silk bed liner for €24. Converted into $ might not sound cheap but for those of us in Europe that's good! They didn't have much in the way of shorts and the quality is was ? and the back-packs were heavy and uncomfortable but for certain items definately a good place to shop.

Also checked out a HUGE Bever in The Hague and tried on about 4 different packs (with 7 kilos inside). Definately important to put weight inside when deciding. What I thought was a good pack without weight became a no-no with. I now have my eye on an Osprey Atos 35 but the store only had a large so is ordering a medium. An expensive pack but nothing has fit thus far.

Happy shopping :D !
Hallo Pelgrim,

Maybe De kampeermarkt in Eindhoven, or De Wit in Schijndel. Lot of backpacks, socks, walkingpoles and clothing. In Eindhoven you will alos find personel with good advice.

Groeten uit Gemert

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