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Esprit du Chemin (St Jean) albergue info


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A local pilgrim contacted me because she had sent a couple of emails to Esprit du Chemin to book a bed but has not had a repsonse. Their website asks that you check their calendar under the Reservations section before mailing them in case the day is already 'complet'. I checked her day and the albergue is full so she probably won't get a reply. (The 1st to 4th August is full and many of the weekend days are also full.)
If you are hoping to stay there, check the calendar first and if your day is Complet, there is a short list of alternate places to stay on the page.

And, don't forget, they close at the end of September.
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L'esprit du Chemin is in business, period!!!

They have no interest in pilgrims other than the money they bring in. No money, no talky!

My wife couldn't get a reservation for the end of August on account that she was arriving after dinner and hence they wouldn't get the revenue for the meal. They stated that they would rather wait for someone to reserve both bed and meal and that at that time of the year there were plenty.

I don't blame them! but please stop ''advertising'' this place as if it was god sent.

There are several reasons why they didn't accept her booking. One of them was probably money, but that doesn't mean they're money-grubbers. I stayed there 2 years ago, & after dinner, we went upstairs & went to sleep. If you wife is arriving well after that time, letting her in would disrupt everyone else's sleep, since there are no private rooms. They also want you there for dinner so you can meet other pilgrims & bond with them before setting off the next day.

Joe and I absolutely LOVED Espirit du Chemin!
The people who ran it were hardworking, kind, helpful, and supportive!
The family-style dinner they prepared for us was scrumptious!
The after-dinner conversation was interesting and helpful.
The beds were clean and inviting, with a gift on each one.
The rooms were spacious and clean.
The garden area was peaceful and beautiful.
The ambiance was perfect for reflection on the days ahead.
The washing station even had a machine that spun your clothes dry!
(we did see those here and there on the Camino - GREAT inventions!)
The curfew was appreciated, giving the pilgrims a wonderful undisturbed night's sleep so they would be ready to conquer the Pyranees.
The lunch the staff prepared for our first day's walk was large and filling.
It was quite affordable and worth every penny we paid!

I have nothing but high PRAISE for Espirit du Chemin and it's staff!
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Canuck said:
... They stated that they would rather wait for someone to reserve both bed and meal and that at that time of the year there were plenty.

I don't blame them! ...

As per previous post, they themselves stated they'd rather wait for a more beneficial customer.
And, the time of arrival was not that late. It's just that it was after dinner.

For the others,
I never said anything derogatory on the quality of the service or the hospitality. Indeed, we tried to make a reservation there. Surely, they take good care of the ''paying'' customers, after all they're in business.

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