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Europe gets cheaper for Americans

Does the slowdown in the economy affect your Camino plans?

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About 3 months ago you had to pay almost $1,60 to buy one euro. Today the value of the euro has gone way down, and it still falling. As of Friday afternoon the value was $1,26, and it looks like it will open this morning (Monday October 27th 2008) at about $1,24.

More here: ... z=m&q=l&c=

So, even if we are in economic tough times, at least Americans get more for their money once on the camino.

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For Kiwis and Australians, our dollars have really fallen. I don't remember ever seeing our dollar so low against the Euro. It is just as well I did the Camino this year, as I am not so sure I could afford it next year!
Really the economy is getting crazy.

Markets are going down and gold do the same, down!
FED accept great risks with troubled banks for US economy and the dollar goes up!
Less petrol produced and it's prize goes down!

I can't understand it.

Buen Camino for everybody

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
My brother is leaving for Europe tomorrow and bought euros online. Not sure which bank but I saw Wells Fargo bank will sell them at a much better rate than in Europe, plus shipping charges of 8dollars.
Each time I made a purchase in Spain with my credit card, I got the going rate (this was in May through July this year and the rate was as high as 1.61) and they charged handling fees. My bank did as well each time I used the ATM there. Made the euro much more expensive than 1.61. So buying ahead of time makes sense. Of course knowing how much and what is safe to carry is another thing. I cashed 300 euros at a time from my ATM.
So much cheaper to go now!
Hi Lillian,
It is cheaper to use a Travel Card than a credit card. You deposit the foreign currency into the card at home and there are no FOREX charges when withdrawing or using it to pay for items. It is also cheaper to withdraw the money from an ATM as it is already in the currency for that country.
The only thing you can't use the card for is Car Hire as the card is not personalized.
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