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Evening Service for pilgrims in Santiago Cathedral


Nunca se camina solo
Just back. I really valued the Pilgrims' Mass at noon in the Cathedral but it was packed with many, many tourists as well as pilgrims.

Now from 9 - 10pm each evening in the Cathedral there is a service purely for pilgrims in one of the side chapels. It was a time to reflect, listen to some spiritual music and hear other pirgrims' experiences and the anticipation and rewards of the Camino.

After some readings the service finishes with a visit to the Tomb of St James for private prayer and a blessing from the priest leading the service
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Thanks for the information, John. It's a lovely idea, that service, and we'll be sure to take it in when we arrive in Santiago.
Thank you for the information on the evening mass, we were not impressed with the throng of tourists at the midday mass who outnumbered the pilgrims and those who came to attend mass.

For those who wants to have a time to reflect and give thanks for all the good things in life then the evening mass is a must. I hope they will keep the gate open to embrace St James at the back of the altar in the evening, we found that the gate was closed after the mass. Also there was a priest supervising the people filing past, perhaps the lighting could be improved, also a smile from the priest would not go amiss.

Your input into this forum makes very good reading and look forward to more postings from you.
Pilgrims Mass in mid-November

I guess there is a big difference in the participation of the Pilgrim's mass from mid August to mid-November, when I was there. At that time we were few, but we mostly all knew one another, as we had met each other off and on along the Way for the past month or so. Mt photos show maybe 20 pilgrims, and we all sat in the first few rows and sat our packs against the rail of the very first row. It made a nice photo. It was a very small and quite emotional mass where each of the countries was read aloud of the pilgrims who arrived that day. I was the only one from mine and just remembering the event still brings a misty eye and lump of joy to my throat.
Or, you could take the newest tour in Santiago - a nocturnal tour.

Nocturnal Tour
Now you can also discover Santiago’s main attractions at night, after normal tourist hours, with the added attraction of seeing the city lit up, entering the Hostal dos Reis Católicos’ silent cloisters and getting to know the areas with the liveliest nightlife.
The visit ends in a club, with a popular ’queimada’ (flamed eau-de-vie).

Place: Turismo de Santiago (Rúa do Vilar, 63).
Route: Rúa do Vilar, Porta Faxeira, O Franco (street full of wine bars, “tapas” and restaurants), Fonseca (University), Avenida de Raxoi, Praza do Obradoiro, Hostal dos Reis Católicos (cloisters), San Martiño Pinario, Rúa da Troia (Casa de La Troya), Praza da Quintana (Berenguela clock tower and Holy Door), San Paio de Antealtares (Monastery and area of pavement cafés and clubs), Rúa Nova.

Availability : Summer 2007: from June 1 to September 30, every Friday (Spanish) and Saturday (English) at 10:30 pm.

Duration: 2 h. approx.

Languages: Spanish (Friday) and English (Saturday).

Price: 12 €
• Adults: 12 € • Under-5s: free • Children ages 6-12: 50% discount
Price includes: The visit ends in a club, with a popular “queimada” (flamed eau-de-vie).

Organizer: Turismo de Santiago

Reservations: ... ?idserv=82
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I have not been to Santiago since before covid, and something that was mentioned to me recently, made me wonder how many of the traditional rituals are still able to be performed. So - I know...
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You will find the answer at 1030 am in the capella at the pilgrim center Santiago.
Is the Cathedral open at present? I saw somewhere that it was closed for renovations
The pilgrim office have published the reduced visiting hours for the cathedral on Saturday 3 June. This is to accommodate a special mass for the installation of the new archbishop. There will be...
I hope this is allowed. I have 4 extra tickets to the Glory Portico (unguided) at 1045 on 11 June and 4 tickets to the rooftop tour at 2 p.m. on 11 June. I accidentally purchased twice and will...

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