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Facebook pictures of Mozarabe from Almeria

Facebook user Mahdi di Camino is walking from Almeria. Today he left La Peza. He posted a lot of beautiful pictures in the last days. Captions are in French and a few in Dutch.


Thanks for posting this link, Carel5. Lots and lots of pictures. Lots of information given by the author, but unfortunately (for me) it's in French. Looks like the castle in Almeria is definitely a place to climb around and get great views!

@mla1, this facebook page is all in French, right up your alley!

If my awful French is right, these guys got picked up at the airport by a member of the Amigos. And then had dinner with a big bunch of them. Talk about VIP treatment! And the marking looks excellent, sigh of relief. I have to admit that some of the landscape is a bit barren, which I'm hoping will be different in April. I saw mention of almond trees, and if they are anything like the ones in Portugal, there will be flowers galore in April!

Here is what I have picked up so far, maybe French speaking members can add to that. I think Mahdi talks about the accommodations quite a bait.

These two had their first day to Rioja and second day to Alboloduy. That has the advantage of having a first short day to Rioja (15) and a longer second day to Alboloduy (26-ish) rather than the standard first day to Santa Fe de Mondújar (27) and second day to Alboloduy (15). There seems to be no way to have a reasonable stage from Santa Fe to beyond Alboloduy given the spacing of Albergues, but I suppose some will walk Santa Fe to Abla, 42 km.

Third stage -- Alboloduy to Ocaña, which I haven't seen on the Camino stages anywhere. Rest day in the Sierras, maybe? Google maps shows that it's about 18 km from Alboduy. But I can find no accommodation.

In Alquife -- Alan has said there are three albergues here. These guys stayed in Casa Lacho with their host Miguel.


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This are really the best pictures I have seen so far from the Almeria -Granada part. The landscape looks barren but this will change after Granada, where you will get plenty of olive trees, and again after Cordoba, where the Camino is greened up by beautiful dehesa countryside.

99 percent of the commentary and captions are in French but I discovered some Dutch as well, so I suppose the lady is Dutch or Belgian or both are Belgian.

Since April 2015 some albergues were opened. One of them is in Rioja on the first stage. It seems there is one now in Ocaña, so you can shorten the long third stage.
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Third stage -- Alboloduy to Ocaña, which I haven't seen on the Camino stages anywhere... But I can find no accommodation.
The guide (Jacobea de Almeria-Granada) lists a 3-bed donativo in Ocaña, and O'Brien says it is about 21 km from Alboloduy.
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