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Favorite Sights on El Camino


New Member
Hello! My name is Lindsay and I will be a pilgrim this year, beginning in SJPdP.

I've definitely been warned about the crowds, but this is the right time for me, and I plan on making the most of the experience. :D

I'm looking for a list of people's favorite sights/experiences on El Camino, particularly natural/historical things. It's okay if it takes me a little off the path. What I'd love to see is a list of things people are so glad they did; whatever your personal can't-miss experience is, whether it's a cafe/bar or an old church or a particular stretch of vista. What is worth making a little extra time for along the way?

Thank you!!

- Lindsay
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Year of past OR future Camino
This would be a great list if it were all in one place...and in order of appearance :wink:
Hopefully, someone will compile it before I leave 11 March. :D


RIP 2015
The journey to SJPP from Bayonna by bus or train-sitting in your first albergue knowing your about to start your Camino after all the plans and thoughts.
climbing above the mist/clouds on route Napoleon standing catching your breath as you cross the PYRENEES!!!
The Pilgrim mass in Roncesvalles-strangley moving for this non christian-your first Pilgrim meal shared with strangers soon to be friends.
a hot shower at the end of the day
somewhere past Pamplona where it starts to feel normal
triumphantly entering a new town at the end of the day
that early morning not quite awake start to each new day
30k walk from Burgos trying to reach Hontanas that suddenly appears from a huge dip just when you think you can't walk any further.
ice cold Clara (half beer half lemon)
turning a corner and meeting up with friends not seen since day one/two
the shared experiances with people of all ages and nationality
the changes in your body shape as the days move on-the tranquillity in your head as the days become weeks-the taste of food-the sheer pleasure of a biscuit mid-morning.
sitting in a large group in Leon beer in hand at the end of the day before joining the picnic in the park behind the Gaudi building.
the hills of Leon on a clear hot day.(50+km up to over 1500m) from Astorga to Ponferrada.
the 10k climb/walk to O Cebreiro hoping the weather stays clear.
taking the Sarria via Samos route
passing the km sign's every kilometre in Galicia-standing having your photo taken at the 100 km to Santiago.
standing in front of the giant map in the pilgrim office in Santiago with a huge feeling of humility.
the Pilgrim mass in Santiago trying and failing to stop the flow of tears.
meeting up with people not seen for weeks in the square afterwards.
going that last 80 odd km to Finisterra sitting there amongst the rocks as you watch the sun go down before walking the 2 1/2 km back into town to the aubergue that doesn't close till an adult 12pm.
going home wondering when you can do it all again


El Croco loco
Year of past OR future Camino
Past: Camino Frances
(StJ-Santiago) 2007, 2009
(StJ-Fisterra) 2011, 2012
Camino del Salvador 8/2014
Camino Primitivo 8/2014?
Camino del Norte 9/2014,
and hopefully many more yet unplanned
Hi Lindsay,

I have walked the Camino twice now, in 2007 and 2009, both from St Jean. I have 2 most favorite places (in no particular order ;-) ):
- The (reservable, which is necessary to get you a place) refugio L'esprit du Chemin in St Jean; these are the most fantastic people, they not only take good care of you and have a fantastic sort of shrine/meditation shack ;-), but they also make the most fantastic luch you will ever eat... Imagine the Pyrenees in a quite icy cold wind, your first day with a backpack and a steep uphill climb for the last 3 hours, and then you get to eat this sandwich from heaven...
But to be fair to the rest of them, every albergue houses one or more angels who are there especially for you, wheter they/you know it or not...
- Between I believe Sarria and Triacastella (from my head, so I might have this wrong), there are two routes. Take the one that passes Samos! It has the most beautiful view of the entire Camino, and that is saying something... I will not tell you where exactly, but go to Samos, and when you get to this viewpoint, you will know... And thank you for asking the question, because it made me be there now... I will go and see it again next year, unless I choose to take another Camino, which I am not yet sure of...

Buen Camino,


Year of past OR future Camino
Frances (Spring 2010), Frances (Spring 2016), Portuguese (May 2018)
Thanks to Lindsay for posting this wonderful question. This first time pilgrim is most grateful for the responses so far, especially Ian's. I will remember these words when I feel like I can't walk another klick!

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2010: Roncesvalles - Burgos / Astorga - SdC
2011: SJPdP - Burgos
2012: Burgos - Leon
2015: Irun - Santander / SdC - Finisterre, Muxia
Gosh, Ian... I got goose pimples when I read your post...

Thanks Lindsay for asking!


New Member
Aaah I'm still so new to the forum, I thought I might get an email or something when I got responses!!

My apologies for coming back so late, and thank you so much for your responses... I don't think I've ever been so excited for anything in my entire life. xD Of course I'm making an effort to go without expectations, but it's hard not to imagine what it will be like especially after reading everything on the forum.

<3 <3 <3 Thanks again!

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From Triacastela to Sarria via Samos. It's Middle Earth on a Good Day. Walking down into Molinaseca...ah...
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Year of past OR future Camino
Camino de Levante 2009
Camino Ingles (Coruna) 2011
Camino Ingles (Coruna) 2014
Pilgrims Way Winchester - Canterbury
Camino Ingles (Ferrol) 2015
Cistercian Way (Wales) 2016
Yes Johnnie,

and for when you walk the Levante, the barman in Las Pedroneras takes the glass out of the freezer before the beer goes in,



RIP 2015
Mountainman said:
steep uphill climb for the last 3 hours, and then you get to eat this sandwich from heaven..
thanks for reminding me of the carry-out lunch from "L'esprit du Chemin" so full from the food there and at Orrisson I was still taking bites out of the sandwich 2 days later.
the first bite was taken just after this picture


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