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Favourite apps/phone numbers for the Camino (Frances)

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CF March 2018
CF Dec 2019/2020
Its time to start downloading apps and typing in the safety contact details - would love to hear what worked for you (especially for a winter camino),



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SJPDP-Finisterre X 2 - 2016 & 2017, El Norte - Irun to Vilalba 2018
I use both the Buen Camino app Wisely apps. Both have their pluses, but I tend to rely more on the Buen Camino app.



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CF2012,Le Puy/CF 2015 Portugues 2017 Norte 2018, CF 2019
I agree with Trecile. I have them both and check them both out for places to sleep. The other app I would recommend highly is AlertCops. If you have problems, injuries along the way or are in trouble the app will put you in touch with an English speaking policeman/woman and locates your position if they need to get to you.


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Camino Frances 2018
Camino Frances, Camino Invierno 2019
Apps - Maps.me A free GPS mapping app that doesn't use cell data so you can use it offline. GPS files can imported into the app. You can find the files here:

Strava - Free app for recording your activity. I used it to record my daily walk and it gave me distance, elevation and calories as well as GPS data. I added a few photos and used it as an online diary to remember bits of my Camino.

Website - Gronze. Bookmark it in Chrome and it will translate to English. Valuable information.


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Frances (crossed Pyrenees then Sarria to SdC) 2018, Frances & Ingles Summer, 2019.
I recommend WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Lot's of Europeans use WhatsApp and it's a great way to coordinate when you're on the Way. FB Messenger worked great for communicating with folks back in the States (if that's where you're from).

I used the Wise Pilgrim app for the CF and found it awesome. Not as good for the Camino Ingles IMHO.


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Camino Frances 2016 Portugues (2019)
I will start my caminho potugues on the 16th of Oct/2019 from Porto. is it not well marked that an app is a must??


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CF March 2018
CF Dec 2019/2020
jabin, yes, it is well marked. However, we will be walking in winter (Dec/Jan) and want to be able to make sure we are heading in the right direction if/when the arrows are covered in snow. We encountered several days of snow last time however there was more traffic on the path so we were able to follow the walkers (footsteps) ahead of us. This time we wont be so lucky!

I was also after something for safety - It56ny's recommendation for AlercCops fits the bill and I am grateful for the knowledge from Geodoc that WhatsApp is a good way to communicate in Europe.

We dont want to wander off the path and risk needing to be rescued. Be prepared!!

I hope you have a wonderful work - not long to go now. Buen Camino.

David Tallan

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Frances (1989 and 2016), Portugues - from Porto (2018)
I will start my caminho potugues on the 16th of Oct/2019 from Porto. is it not well marked that an app is a must??
For me, my desire to take apps is not necessarily an indication that a route is poorly marked. On the one hand, routes may be well marked but a moment's inattention can result in missing the sign for a turn. This happened a few times for us on the well-marked Camino Frances and once on the Camino Portugues. Having an app can help bring you back to the Camino. But apps are not only useful for lost pilgrims. They can provide a lot of other useful information. And when I am considering the total cost of a Camino, the extra tiny bit for an app that can make for a better experience hardly seems like much.

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