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Hello again

A big thanks to everybody for the answers on my previous questions ;-) some of them have proved very helpful...
I would also like to ask about the camino, is there any difficult or dangerous paths up on mountains?
Should i take a first aid kit (and if yes, what do u recommend to put inside? ;-D)
If there is any book recommendations (like the one of John Brierley that i see on the top of the page) i am open to them...should i order through internet or i will find something on the French border?
Finally, where will i get my pilgrim passport "stamped", is there some specific places that i should know of?

For one more time, trully, thanks!

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Hello Marianta,
There is no dangerous mountaineering, scrambling over rocks, or crawling up steep paths on the camino. Some of the trails are steep and long and are therefor, considered difficult. Walking in mountains can always be dangerous if the weather is bad and visibility is low but I have never experienced that on the camino.I found coming down rocky, river boulders or shale paths more difficult than going up.
Take some first aid items with you but only small quantities - there are more pharmacies in Spain than bottle stores so you can replace items as you go.
The John Brierley guide is excellent although you might want to order his maps only and get the smaller guide from the Confraternity of St James -
You can get stamps (tampons in France - Sellos in Spain) at refuges, cafe-bars, hotels, tourism offices, police stations, churches, cathedrals, monasteries, individuals who sit on the paths and even a few post offices, shops etc.
If you would like to have a look at the different sellos available, visit this website:


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