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finisterre or muxia

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from santiago which way to go : finisterre or muxia or both and where to sleep? stages from santiago?
go to muxia first and than to finisterre or the opposite?
by foot
thank you
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by foot or by bus? By foot it is 3 to 5 days to either of them and 1 to 2 days in betweeen.

3 days means possible stops at Negreira (23 km) or A Pena (30 km), Olveiroa (33 km from Negreira) or Logoso (+ 3 km) and then Muxía or Finisterre. The later offers more spectacular sights when walking there.
4 days means possible stops at Negreira, Sta. Marina (20 km), Dumbria (24 km) and then Muxía (24 km).
5 days means possible stops at Negreira, Vilaserío (13 km) or Sta. Marina, Olveiroa (20 km from Vilaserío) or Logoso (14 km from Sta. Marina), Cee or San Rocque and then Finisterre. Just to give you an idea.

Finisterre to Muxía is about 30 km with a possibility to stop in Lires which is almost in the middle.

Finisterre offers more bus Services to santiago, especially on the weekends. But for me leaving Muxía on a Saturday was really perfect. The 7.45 o'clock bus allowed me to do some shopping at the market in Santiago (queso y membrillo, pimientos) before going to the Airport in the afternoon.

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from santiago which way to go : finisterre or muxia or both and where to sleep? stages from santiago?
thank you
It’s really personal opinion which direction. Both places are wonderful but n different ways. Fisterra is larger for restaurants., sandy walks, end of the earth etc. but Múxia is more wild and woolly .. you can lose yourself and walk down to the rocky shores and visit the church there which suffered burning a few years ago but has been repaired. and then walk to the high hill lookout giving you 360 degree views and meditate .. just be. ...

I wanted to walk SdC to Fisterra first ; and took my time. You can pick up from SdC tourist office :
a free map/credencial showing possible stages. @Via2010 gives a good selection but you don’t need to make this decision too far ahead. I reserved the day before but most people I saw and spoke to just decided when they’d walked as far as they wanted to. You’ll have opportunities to meet others along the way and spend time with them if you choose company.

At Fisterra, you can decide then if you want to continue or stop there a bit longer. If you’ve got daily sellos/stamps , you can front up at the municipal albergue in Fisterra and claim the certificate (Fisterrana , I think it’s called. ). You can stay there too but even if you don’t sleep there ., they will issue the certificate if you’ve walked there.

Then I walked to Múxia at leusurely pace and stopped at great B&b in Lires There are several there ... mine was located closest to the path to the beach etc with cafe There is also an albergue at top of the way in Lires with restaurant attached .
I had dinner there. It looked a popular place
Next day in Múxia I stayed in ‘Bella Múxia ‘ which has dorms and lovely private rooms. That time I indulged in the latter. There are a number of places to stay in Múxia which include a municipal albergue. So accommodation should not be an issue.
You can also claim a specific certificate for walking to Múxia called a ‘Múxiana’ issued by the turismo office which is really close by the ‘Bella Múxia ‘ albergue.

shopping at the market in Santiago (queso y membrillo,).
Yum yum yum.
I ordered this so many times on recent April camino. But I never thought to buy the makings from the market to have on hand !! Great idea.

So to you @ofer ofer
enjoy and Buen Camino


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A has been said above, both are quite different. Muxia is quieter, wilder and, in my view, prettier as one can get right down to the sea. Finisterre is the classic end point and is busier but one can still find a quietish spot among the rocks.

A plus point for ending in Finisterre is that there are much more regular buses back to Santiago.

Last year, I had intended to go to Finisterre first and then on to finish in Muxia but just before the fork in the road I stayed at an alburgue and met a Dutch chap that I had crossed paths with several weeks earlier at a wonderful alburgue on the Sanabres (he was walking the VdLP). He planned to head to Muxia first and then on to end in Finisterre and asked if I would like to join him on the final stretch of our respective Caminoes. We were both walking alone and enjoyed doing so but it felt a good thing to finish together so I switched plans and headed for Muxia first. It turned out to be the perfect way to end our Caminoes and we had a really enjoyable final few days.

Good to have a general plan but great to be relaxed, go with the flow and be open to whatever the Camino may offer.

Whether Muxia or Finisterre, I hope it’s just the right conclusion to your Camino.
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My vote: walk to Fisterra first, because you get some sea views and an overall more interesting walk. Then a day's walk to Muxia. A perfect place to end your Camino, IMHO.
We walked from Fisterra to Muxia last September and Muxia was the best place to end the Camino. It is beautiful place, quiet in one part and the wild rocky headland with the Atlantic crashing in on the other. The beautiful church and wild Sea makes us realise how beautiful it is and how small we are in God's Creation. A truly spiritual end to our Camino. Ultreia to all.

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