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Finisterre surfing?

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Hi guys. I just finished my first Camino and I am now traveling to finisterre. I was wondering if anyone knows of surf equipment rental in the area. Google is trying to sell me packages so I know there's a beach . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Old Crow

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There are two beaches at Finisterre. The inside beach, with the harbor, is in the pictures. Just behind the town, a short walk, is a beach on the open Atlantic, where there is good surf. Look for signs for Mar de Fora. This is a beautiful spot. This beach is not recommended for inexperienced swimmers.


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When I was in A Coruña, the surf was definitely up. 30 minutes by train from Santiago.


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When I was in A Coruña, the surf was definitely up. 30 minutes by train from Santiago.
And A Coruña is a great place to "de Camino" for a couple of days. Great beaches and restaurants, but for me the best was the fact that the city is on a small peninsula, and there is a walkway all around the city, going past such sights as the Tower of Hercules lighthouse, and a spherical glass elevator that takes you up/down the side of a hill with a beautiful park at the top.


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I have to laugh, after walking the CF, I ended up in A Coruña. I asked at my hotel about how to get to the Tower and was told it was 4-5 km around the promenade. As I started out the door, the Valet insisted that he’d call a Taxi. After averaging 25km a day, 8km round trip was just funny, even in the rain and wind. To tie this all together, the storm that enveloped all of Galicia late last June was why the surf was up.


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Atlantic side, but it was flat when I was there last year...might be better to hop on a train and head north instead.

William Garza

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There are wrld class spots in France also.i would feel perfectly at home around any surf spot! Biarritz i heard among others.
But to see six to ten story waves with riders being tiwed in would be special.
That surf school would be a great place to learn and visit.i have a shaper acquaintance who offered to build me a log to learn on..if i was limber enough, i would take him up to ride our little chocolate water waves

Karl Oz

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The ocean-side beach at Finisterre itself may not be suitable, as it appears to be a shore-break due to the drop-off at the water line. Swimming there is discouraged due to dangerous rips (rip-tides). The harbour-side beach is shallow, protected and safer for swimming. It looked far to shallow for surfing, but who knows. Maybe ask around when you get there as there is a lot of coast nearby that may offer possibilities.


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I believe the video in the link above is from the ocean side beach in Finisterre. I know that beach has some currents, but Eric (who runs the school and was an ex surf pro and 2 time European champion) knows this and will take good care of people.

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