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First blister


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I got my first blister yesterday!

For more than a year I have been following this forum. I have read so many opinions, advice, cautions and stories. I have seen videos and photos that looked absolutely horrendous. And I have looked at different tapes and preventative measures. And I was convinced that when, not if, the time arrived, I would be prepared for any scenario because we often spoke of being mindful of hot spots.

We were doing a 16k walk, me with a 5kg pack, and I was very comfortable. At the 10k mark I felt a slight prick in my little toe. I thought perhaps it was a chipped toenail. After about 10 steps it was a bit painful and Ian asked if I wanted to stop. I said I’d stop at a bench about 80m away. Honestly, before we reached the bench, I was pronating quite a bit because it was so painful. I took off my boot and there was a tiny blister with a small speck of blood. We didn’t have a first aid kit so I just made a donut with a piece of tissue to relieve any pressure. We continued and it was ok, the declines better than the ups. One km from our home we stopped to have a chat with someone for a few minutes and then started walking again. Suddenly I had the most excruciating pain in my foot and there was such a lump under my toes. I knew that I had a humongous haematoma. I struggled to walk and carry my pack. I was scared of limping and hurting my back and/or retriggering the fasciitis. So Ian rushed home to get the car and pick me up. When we got home I immediately rushed to see how big the blister was. And found.....a tiny, tiny little deroofed blister, maybe just bigger than a pinhead, under the pad under my toe! l couldn’t believe the amount of pain the little bugger caused me. And I think I have an ok pain limit.

So, lesson to self: carry a blister kit even though you are just ‘training’. Your feet don’t know that you aren’t on your Camino yet! And, if you have a hot spot, stop immediately and check it out. Seriously, I didn’t know that it can change so quickly. And remember that the nerve endings are on the skin. That is the reason superficial lesions are so painful.

Today, we took a rest day and Ian treated me for lunch. And I wear my hydroguard dressing with pride.


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It can work both ways: a molehill can feel like a mountain, and sometimes a small niggling sensation can turn into a big blister almost without noticing. I remember a friend many years ago mentioning a hot spot on his foot and taking off boot and sock to find a huge single blister almost covering the whole ball area. A hideous sight. If in any doubt then stop, investigate and sort out the problem early. Sounds as if you learned your own lesson well and luckily at a fairly small cost.


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My wife & I saturate either Vasoline or Mentholatum on our toes and use a lot of powder in our shoes. Reduces both the friction and moisture (just ask babies) ... good luck!


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Ah, your first blister! Keep it clean with betadine or iodine (or whatever you like) -- two people in my group last year had to go to the hospital for infections caused by blisters. After that I started putting betadine on just about every scratch I had! :)


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Have you found the reason for the blister?
Is there something in the boot (e.g. a chipped toenail )?
Is the toebox of the boot to thin?

Would maybe a toe separator / toe bandage / ... help?
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Tape that spot or get silicone toe condoms for your toe. You may think it would bother you but you don’t even know it’s there. I wear them over my toe socks.
Bought different things today to try out and see what we like. Thank you very much


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Love the way you call it your first blister. Iike a first child or first date....
Thought a hot spot was just that. A feeling of heat over the affected area it didn’t even feel hot. Now I feel like a real ‘pilgrim’


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Toe condoms please explain! It that why I have 27 toes and counting..... Forgot the toe condoms!

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