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First Camino - Help planning a JULY Camino!


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This forum is fantastic and your advice thus far has been insightful but I am a bit confused at this point. It could just be me, or information overload or all of the above :? But I am getting conflicting information. This is to be expected I know, but here goes again!

My dilemma is the following: I will be leaving SJPP at the beginning of July and plan on walking to Leon. I will be sleeping in refugios. That is all I want to plan at this point. The only sure thing is my departure date and return date as I need to get back to work. All else is unknow and that is just fine by me but...I would like to have my knapsack filled with the minimum requirements and that is where I am having a problem. I have read sooooooo many lists but everyone seems to be going before or after the summer. REMEMBER GUYS, I am walking in JULY.

Questions(maybe a repeat from another thread, sorry!)


Is there any agreement here :?:

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ok here goes - others will chip in I am sure

1 I only take a liner at this time of the year

2 Fleece is optional - I wouldn't take it but would take a long sleeve shirt for extra wramth over a t shirt when not walking in the evening if you get cool after walking or if it is chilly. It is also useful for protection from the sun if needs be. I find the evenings in July in Spain warm

3 Rain jacket/poncho - Last year in August I wanted to walk very light and took no rain gear at all but that was after having a look at the long range forecast right up to when I was leaving

Good luck with your decisions.

Here's my vote, as a person who walked in early August:


A liner is more than sufficient. Those refugios get HOT HOT HOT with all the people in them.


Personally, I would take a LIGHTWEIGHT fleece because even in summer, it can get chilly, especially if there is a rainstorm. Just take something featherweight that you can layer.


Yes... I would take a lightweight poncho because it rains in Galicia... unless you're a duck and don't mind getting wet. Having said that, you may only see rain a few days out of the entire time, but for me, I hate being wet and chilled... and a poncho doesn't weigh much.

On the other hand, you can pick up long sleeve shirts and ponchos in Spain, probably in the free boxes in the's not a 3d world country... they have great shopping in the cities!

Whatever you decide, you'll be FINE! :::laughing:::

My last advice is this: If you look at something and you can't decide whether to take it or not.... LEAVE IT HOME. If you get there and need it, it will appear.

I'm going to start a thread about how the Camino supplies your needs... it will be fun to read and maybe will help give you confidence to leave the extra stuff home.
Great guys, that is the kind of info I was looking for.
I am debating these issues as I am only going as far as Leon, or a bit further, and so will be missing out on the rain in Galicia.
Anyone else with experience walking this section of the Camino in July :?:
In 2008 we took a very light sleeping bag (1/2 pound), and were glad we had it on one or two nights. we did use a lightweight fleece especially early in the morning (We left around 5:30 or 6:00 am). Had a poncho too, whic we used only once. This summer I'll be taking arain jacket and pants instead; the ponch tends to flap allover when it gets windy. Good luck. Might see you on the Camino.
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I have done quite some equipment preparation since this thread and how have:
boots (Salomon light-weight)
pack (Osprey 35)
socks (Falke K2 Trekking Cool)
and some other bits and bobs

The question I now have is the following: I don't have any high-tech hiking clothes and have spent enough on what I feel is important/necessary. What I do have is high-tech running clothes (tops and capri tights) which I use for running (obviously), at the sports school and on my past few hikes which worked out just fine. Pros: no chaffing and dry fast, Cons: tights are black -too hot for a July Camino? They are also not too flattering but heck, I don't see my backside :lol: !

Wondering, is there anyone out there who has worn running clothes or can think of why it might be preferable to wear regular light-weight shorts (don't want zip-off)?

Have received great advice thus far so many thanks for reponses!

p.s. I will be walking from SJPP to around Leon
p.p.s. I see that I have already posted 50 times - my, my this forum is addicting :shock:
Thanks for your reply Johnnie, that's what I like to hear!

Also many thanks for your most thoughtful blog entry of today. I hope that you are able to leave for Santiago tomorrow and if not, wish you a safe trip whenever that may be!


Not much of an expert, but I'll chime in.

I have done 2 caminos in the past 3 years -- both in July/August. Both times I carried a very small light weight sleeping bag instead of a liner. I slept in it every night. I bought the kind that rolls up into a small cylinder.

I also brought a poncho and was glad I had it even though there were few rainy days. I used it as a picnic blanket on sunny days.

I had high-tech clothes on the first camino, but on the second one my priority was simply whatever was quick dry so that I could wash it and it would dry in a couple of hours.

I brought a light weight fleece sweatshirt and was so glad I had it for some chilly nights.

The second time I cut down on the amount of clothes I brought -- just packed 2 changes of clothes.

Both times I walked in hiking boots because I needed the ankle support, but my friends walked in low-top hiking shoes and one guy walked the whole thing in sandals.

I remember being where you are now -- planning for the first camino -- and I'm envious. There's nothing in the world like the first day from SJPDP to Roncesvalles. Nothing. Even after all of the reading and planning, it will exceed expectations.

Buen Camino!

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