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Portuguese Camino (2019)
Where do I get my first passport stamp? I am technically starting my Camino in Porto, but am taking the train to Barcelos to start walking from there. Do I get a stamp in Barcelos? Porto? Or do I wait until my first nights accommodation? (Casa de fernanda)

Thank you!


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It's up to you. To receive your compostela you only need to get two stamps a day covering your last 100km (assuming you are walking and not cycling). You can gather as many as you want, though, including from locations in Porto. Personally, I always enjoy getting that first stamp of a Camino – it feels like it signifies your Camino has officially begun! :)

Derek Booth

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Camino Frances March 2019
When you arrive at Santiago and presumably go to 'The Office' to receive your Cerfiticates, (sic) the administrator will ask you where you started your walk. I think the clue is in the question. Based on your original question, I started mine in Bilbao before catching the bus to Pamplona where I started to walk.
However, I answered the question and filled out my Passport with the town, "Pamplona"


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If starting in Porto, can the first one be from the Cathedral?


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Voie de Paris / Tours Aulnay to Saintes 2017
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We got our first stamps at Porto Cathedral then walked to Matosinhos.
Just remembered that our credencials were issued at the cathedral in Lisbon and bore that stamp. Our Compostela certificates and certificates of distance all state Porto as our departure point.


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We got ours at the Cathedral but be mindful of their open times. Our first visit it was closed. Had to return that evening.

David Tallan

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I get my first credencial stamp from where I am starting walking, generally. I am sure there will be some place in Barcelos that can give you a stamp.


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I would always suggest getting a first stamp at one's own home Catholic Parish Church.

Otherwise on the Camino, anywhere that's most convenient and easy from where you have decided to start walking.


ninguém disse que era fácil !
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I get my first credencial stamp from where I am starting walking, generally. I am sure there will be some place in Barcelos that can give you a stamp.
In Barcelos are two albergues where you can obtain your stamp-in Portuguese carimbo. Further at any place ,restaurants,bars,railwaystation etc.etc.
the best stamp we got in Barcelos was on the castle ruine. Go there and find a man who is looking after and he has a place where he keeps the stamp.Ask around for him . It is one of the best stamps in my credentials.
Bom caminho

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