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First time walker


Im a first time walking and planning to take this trip in the summer for around 4-5 weeks but then i think its a very long time for walking isnt it. Just a bit scared about the whole experience. Also, kinda looking for someone to walk with, im 23, in the uk, a student, good compannion etc.

Anyone would be willing to walk together?
5week is enough time to walk the whole thing!!good luck!
for a compannion:you dont need one youll meet alot of wonderfull ppl on your way!and i think your better off alone!

il be leaving for my first time too in 2 weeks :wink:
and im planing on walk ALONE the whole WAY!! 8) (srry my friend spirit will be whit me)
Don't let the thought of walking alone put you off your camino. I will be a first time solo pilgrim in June / July, and while I was a tad apprehensive when first planning the walk, a few days looking through all the postings on this forum should put your mind at ease. I have had two friends walk the Camino Frances solo from SJPP to Santiago and beyond. They both said that while you may start alone, within a very short time you will meet many other people in similar circumstances, after all you all have the same end goal. These people will become your on again - off again companions over the next 4-5 weeks. If you want to walk with a small group no doubt you'll find one.

Bueno Camino, and I hope the see you at the other end!


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Conversly - many people start walking with a partner or in a group and end up splitting away to walk alone. Two close friends started together in 2003 - split up after Puente la Reina, met up again in Burgos and split up again in Leon only to meet up again in Santiago - not with any malice - just because their pace was different, one wanted to spend a rest day and the other didn't, so each pilgrim must do the camino their way.


thanks for the replies. i think i know what im doing. leaving at the end of may or start of june. taking a flight (with ryanair) to bazziries (wrong spelling) from there taking a bus to st james, getting passport by asking people for direction. and what next, haha i dont know.......walk to santiago. they should have some signs from there isnt it?

good luck to alllll
sings and yellow arrow on the roads and it think sea shells on each auberge?not sure about shells!?
or you can take train from where you land :wink:



All is well, get to St. Jean de Pied de Port and all will happen as it should. God calls - enjoy.
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I'm also 23 and a student walking alone. I was originally like you thinking about looking for someone to walk with but then decided that felt like a cop-out (for me.) I have a very deep feeling that walking alone is maybe the single most important aspect of what I'm about to do. I guess I'll find out. So you are not the only one. (I recently purchased my plane tickets and now the freak-out part is starting to creep in! :shock: :? :lol:
FReaking out :shock: thats me all day today.it realy hit in taday im leaving in 7 days. and i dont know realy where and how to start :?
worst is to come in the next days when ill start the real packing
and my stuff is beside my bag in dont event know if it will all fit in my backs :?
the best thing i guess is not thinking about it
it hard but i try :roll:


Really, it's ok. The 'freaking out' bit is absolutely normal ... starts off all relaxed, telling friends "I'm reasonably fit, it's cool, loads do it, I can do it - it'll be a breeze" etc. Then a short while before the off the fear sets in "There is NO WAY I can do this. I don't even want to do it anymore. I'll look really stupid being slow and aching while people speed by laughing and peeling grapes and carrying twice as much stuff. I'll be alone and scared and everyone else will have friends. HOW HIGH is that mountain?" and so on.

Don't worry too much - everyone who has now done it felt exactly the same as you - all is well, don't be afraid - you will love it!!

But I tell you this - you will pack too much stuff!
Just go for it!

Lauren and Santos,

The best advice I ever got about the camino was "pack your bag, get out there and just do it!" It seems so scary before you start walking but once you are there you get into the natural rythm of walking, you meet new and interesting people and you come home with wonderful memories (and want to do it all again!)

Buen camino,

Br Davis trust me im not going to overpack. All im taking is 2 pair of shorts, jeans (if it starts to rain the middle of june or snow with the climate change). Jumper and some tops. Then Tea Tree oil for insects, socks etc... camera, passport and other little bits and pieces. Also, ill put it all on some shabby bag its not even a back pack so my not be very comfortable and embarrasing. So these are my only worries.

Also, if i for any reason decide not to go i dare this forum to kick me out there.
Hey guys, im 23 and a student to! i was planning on walking solo but my fiance is coming along now too, i guess me always talking bout it must have rubbed off on her, we start bout 7-8th may so hope to see you along the way!


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For 'The Walk'

Also, ill put it all on some shabby bag its not even a back pack so my not be very comfortable and embarrasing.
Hi, no-one is going to judge you by what you carry your stuff in. But do make sure that whatever it is, it's comfortable to carry - on your back. If you're carrying a bag in your hands, or rolling a suitcase, you will have a very miserable experience.

A backpack, of any sort, will make things a lot easier for you. It doesn't have to be state of the art and expensive, just practical.

Glad you're taking Tea Tree Oil, I'd totally forgotten that for insect bites etc. Will have to buy some!


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Try Jacotrans:


This is what they say:


We transport your luggage along the route.

In case your bike breaks down, we repair it or take it to a workshop.

We provide you with everything you may need: clothing, shoes, walking sticks, water bottles, raincoats, bike replacement-pieces, medicaments…

We manage any formality that you may need to do: We contact you with any travel agency, find housing and arrange transportation (by taxi or similar), post, tourist information…

We have special bags to store your goods.

We rent backpacks

We give information about how to get the "Credencial Jacobea Universitaria".

And for everything else…. JACOTRANS

Thanks for the link but im just talking about normal shops. Im starting from st james (france) im sure they should have some shops there isnt it?


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There might be some shops selling backpacks in St Jean Pied de Port, but I think they could be very expensive. Try to get something before you leave home as it will be much cheaper.

I don't know what country you're from, and I'm in Australia, so can't recommend any shops to you. But spend an hour or two looking around your local shopping centre. You might find something in a handbag shop, or cheap camping store, look for the type of backpack schoolkids use. While these might be a little heavy and uncomfortable, you'll still find it easier than carrying something.

Good luck.
Thanks once again ;) Also, how do people react when you tell them about this walk. Cos when i tell someone they look a t me like im nuts :shock:
ppl here think the same. im gone crazy
only 1 person delives in me and that person is me
1/2 got me quiting at day 2
other 1/2 thinks im not even goin to make it tru the first day of walking
at work they made a pool(bets) 2/12 ppl think ill make it to santiago
1 person got on day 20 the rest all under 14days! :?

me crazy? H..L yeah! will i make it?H..l Yeah
like the song : i delive i can fly , i delive i can touch the sky :lol: ....blah blah ok that made no sence :wink:
FIVE MORE DAYS :twisted:

Maybe there is some mystery to it as it is the holy city and the devil or something doesnt want ppl going there etc.

If you would be Christian im sure you would be thinking something like that.
jeans (if it starts to rain the middle of june or snow with the climate change).
Jeans are not good ini the rain or snow - they take forever to dry out - a day at least and will only make you colder. They trap and hold moisture too easily. Cotton trousers are good. Maybe even longjohns or tights to wear under them. I took jeans to wear of an evening but they are a pain for walking in during the day.
:shock: Christian :shock:
le devil dont exist! hes never been here on earth!(one day he will)
the anti-christ yup alot of those here on earth
anti-christ is ppl whom dont belive in jesus!
that the real meaning of the word like the johovas who tell you! :wink:
so if you dont belive in jesus(my Brother) then your an anti-christ!

the devil is what you what him to be
for me he each person whom is killing r planet each day by driving car
by smoking by polluting the air by polluting our water ppl whom dont recycle stuff ppl whom dont give a F of our dieing planet ppl whom didnt vote GORE :twisted: in 2000 ppl whom kill animal for testing and the J..s!
all ppl whom voted BUSH in 2004!iv could go on and on alot of devil warshipers it so sad!


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