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Hi there, you wise-wise walkers!

Looking for some sort of an advice here ;)
My sisters and I are planning first Our Camino this spring [2010], have chosen Camino del Norte [hihi - with a certain hope not to find ourselves lost among lots of other people] and now we`ve got to the point where we have lots of questions, concerning technical stuff :)
First we thought we would take our tent with us & have a month-long camping etc [because it seems a bit expensive, if we want to sleep in hostels every night, paying 15 euro or something like that - as you know, students never have money. hih], but as far I know now, free camping is not allowed, right? That`s first..
And then, about the pilgrim "passport" - I know it`s not the right word for it, but still - I bet you all know what i`m talking about.. If we start from Irun, where could we get one? Searching up the web brings me only more confusion than real understanding - what, how and where.. :roll:
mm, about cooking in these alberques.. is it possible to cook there or something like that? haven`t been there, haven`t done that, that`s why i`m asking :)

nice people, help us out a bit ;)

lots of luck,
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You can get the pilgrim passport (credential) at the albergue in Irun. Some, but not all, of the albergues do have kitchens. I dont know about camping--sorry. The first week, between Irun and Bilbao is the area where it seemed to be more expensive (San Sebastian, Zaurutz, etc.). If there are three of you, it might be cheaper to find a room in a pension rather than the youth hostel (in San Sebastian and Zaurutz). It's a really beautiful route.

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