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"Fixing Your Feet"

Catalina Camino Oct 29 to Nov 4
Hike the 80km Catalina Camino Oct 29 to Nov 4 on California’s Santa Catalina Island
Agreed! Changed my life, after too many blisters on Camino #1. Camino #2, using Vonhof's advice? 1 blister, and that was because my foot got wet when I misjudged a rut and went into a puddle. Paper tape and Body Glide are always in my pack!
"Fixing Your Feet," by John Vonhof

Not strictly about the Camino, but a really good book about self care of the feet for runners and long- distance hikers. The author is an expert on topics of interest to us, like shoes, socks, and blister prevention/care. Highly recommended.
Thanks for the tip, I just ordered the book. I have to manage my feet and I believe this book will improve this effort

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Hi all. It's my chance to pick for a Book Club with my friends next month. As it will mark a year since I did my first Camino, I am thinking about nominating a Camino memoir. Can anyone recommend...

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