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I've seen several people mention they packed flashlights, but am trying to understand when the need for them would arise.

I do a good deal of camping and haven't used an artificial light source in years. I simply rely on moonlight and starlight to get the job done.

I am planning to do the Camino this summer (2007), with a May departure. Even with a 6 am departure, shouldn't there be sufficient light for the trail by then?



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I took a torch with me last may on the via de la plata and found it useful for one reason-I usually have to get up once during the night for a leak. With a torch I dont have to turn on the light. My strongest suggestion is to take earplugs to help keep out the snoring and tthe noise made by those strange people who get up at 5am and seem to pack everything into noisy plastic bags.

Liv Marit

Hi !

If you are in Galicia wth no stars or moonlight, and you want to start before eight o'clock in the morning, it is wise to have some kind of light to be able to se the yellow arrows, and avoid tripping over stones etc. Because it is very dark. :shock:

I had a very light headlight, nice in albergues too, if you need to do the toilet-trek in the middle of the night and avoid to trip over pilgrims sleeping om mattresses on the floor close to the servicio.

Light and love from Liv who has only 19 km left to Santiago :D


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I walked the Camino Frances last May 2006 (starting at SJPP) and packed a small headlight with me. When I reached Pamplona, I sent it home.

If you want to walk in the dark, sure bring a light, but what's the point in doing the camino if you can't see the sights? In May you can leave the refugio at around 6:30 or 7:00AM. Those who leave earlier are obviously leaving not because they want to avoid the hot midday sun; they just want to make sure they get a bed in the next refugio.

Just for fun, I tried leaving in the dark at 6AM from San Martin del Camino, and got lost in another village not on the 'official' path. I wouldn't say it was a waste of time though, as I encountered an old philosopher on that road. "You ask is this the 'right camino'? There is no right or wrong camino. Whatever path you're walking on, that is your camino." A minor adventure, but worth treasuring.

Some think the headlight is good for moving around in the dark in the refugio at night but it irritates the others. The room can look like a disco house without music if there are enough light beams dancing around.
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