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Flying Ryanair

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You will hear varying opinions. I think a lot depends on the sector you are flying and the policies of the security at either end.....

As I recall, the general policy flying out of Santiago, is no poles as cabin luggage. But others will have more up to date information.


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Out of Santiago never poles in handluggage.
I saw it again last week happening when another pilgrim had to find a solution.
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Since forum moderator @peregrina2000 2000 is currently walking a camino and may not see your question I'm copying her most recent message from February 2018 on this topic here:

1. Written or posted guidance provided by airlines and security agencies often specifies "No hiking poles," without clarification of type or size. However, in many countries, the actual legally binding documents do not say hiking poles are prohibited. If asked, the airlines generally say "No hiking poles."

2. In practice you will likely not be permitted to carry full-size uncollapsed hiking poles into the cabin.

3. Many people who carry folded-up poles are allowed to carry them on (see the last point for the one clear exception).

4. Walking aids are permitted if the passenger needs them for mobility.

5. The security agents at all airports have authority to prohibit anything they decide is a potential hazard. It is not a good idea to argue with them. The security staff are not connected with the airlines.

6. If you want to carry your poles into the cabin, no matter what type, go prepared with time and an alternative packing plan in case you are not permitted to take them.

7. Finally, poles are never allowed through security at Santiago airport, when you are leaving, so you must have them as checked luggage. According to a direct communication from the Santiago airport in early 2018, all airlines will allow passengers leaving Santiago to check their poles for free.
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2035 km of the way to Saint James in Galicia done.
@Roberto Mitelpunkt, since you ask specifically about Ryanair you may also be interested in the recent threads Ryanair-onboard-bag-policy-changed and Ryanair, and if you are not a frequent Ryanair flyer please be aware that you must follow their policy on cabin baggage dimensions and weight and on boarding pass policy (when and where to print if you use paper prints, to check in etc) to the letter. And have a good flight.
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I absolutely NEEDED a pole four years ago, due to feet bandaged from blisters. I was asked
"Where is the hospital documentation saying you need a pole?"
"They didn't give me any!" I replied.
"Rubbish! They will always give you a letter! The pole must go in the hold!"
And so it did. There was no charge - but the pole didn't re-appear when we got to the UK. So I lost a pole, learned a lesson, bought a collapsible one, and now always put it in the hold luggage.
Onwards and upwards!


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Does anybody knows if the walking poles are allowed to carry on board?
Thank you, Roberto
Ryanair's detailed terms and conditions state that hiking poles must be in checked baggage. If flying from the UK then Government regulations also apply similarly.

However, I have breezed through a regional UK airport with 4 poles and on board though not Ryanair. Returning from Girona with Ryanair I blagged my way through security who did try to put them in the hold.

I prefer less hassle now so have bought z poles and check them in inside my backpack.
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RyanAir just pinged me €55 for not checking in online. I had tried to check in but the airline did not recognise my booking.

Never mind. Just a caution to those who fly RyanAir to ensure they check in online.

I will let my travel agent know when I get back.


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I went ahead and paid for premium seats which allowed me to bring my back pack on board with my z-fold poles as well as a 2nd small carry on that fit under the seat. I put my bulky items in there that would have caused my back pack to be to big. My water bottles, my Crocs, my toiletries in a clear bag, and my poles. This worked great from Frankfurt to Porto and back again. If we would have had to check something, that would have been covered in this price.

We checked in for both flights a few days before leaving and printed up both boarding tickets.

All went smoothly and we felt the extra cost was well worth it. Round trip for 2 people ended up being around 220€, which was still half the price of any other airline and was a direct flight.


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Last week I flew via Ryanair, Manchester to Madrid. No problem on the outbound trip but on the return trip my (very cheap!) poles were confiscated by security at Madrid, saying they were illegal on flights from Spain.
On both flights the poles were INSIDE my carry on rucksack.

Roberto Mitelpunkt

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Yes I understand the problem is mostly in the security check. I live in Israel and never was denied by security check to take on board the poles.
Well, let’s enjoy the adventure (I’ll take the cheap poles)


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Flew with ryanair last monday from Porto back home. Poles are not allowed on board their planes. We checked in our luggage. Horrible flightcompany by the way. You feel like cattle chased into a big cattle trailer. I hate this company with non respect for their clients
My next fligt to Porto september next will definitively not with this Mickey Mouse company

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