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Being 5’9 and weighing 132 lbs I am terrified of losing weight walking the entire CF. Love food and like to eat. Will probably have to be snacking constantly. I made a note about the hamburgers in Cacabelos. Any more suggestions?


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No suggestions, but you will have no problem eating regularly while walking the Camino Frances and you will have no problem finding shops or markets to buy snacks along the way.
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I would suggest cheese. If you buy aged cheese, you can keep it for a few days without refrigeration. I have done so as the main ingredient of my camino lunches for three caminos. There is some wonderful cheese in Spain. I prefer the sheep cheese. Buen camino.


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I wouldn't worry too much about losing weight. Some people do, some people don't. If you eat enough, you won't lose weight. At your weight and height, you need to consume around 1800 calories/day as a base. Then, to counterbalance the walking, if you burn 250-400 calories per hour and walk 5-6 hours per day, that is another 1500-2400 calories. Total need: 3000-4200 calories depending on the day. It's actually not that hard to consume 3000 calories per day, especially if you include a couple cafe con leches, a couple glasses of fresh squeezed OJ or sports drinks, and then some beer or wine to end the day - that adds up to about 500 calories without even eating anything - just beverages. Add breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you can probably consume the remaining 2500 calories without even trying. On days when you need more calories due to longer and/or more strenuous walking, you can definitely make up the difference with snacks.

For snacks - salami, cheese, nuts, fruit (dried or fresh) are all good with plenty of nutrition in them.
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Most places you can get a pilgrim menu for supper that is three courses (starter - typically salad, pasta or something else; main course - typically meat and potatoes and maybe veg; and dessert) plus wine or beer. You can also get a similar menu for lunch, which for Spanish people is often the main meal of the day. Eat both and I don't think you will lose weight.

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I sometimes cry giant tears of sorrow for the pilgrims who walk the Camino carrying and cooking their own food without eating like the locals. Then I realize that leaves more for the rest of us and I cheer up.

The endless varieties of pintxos, aka tapas, which have the virtue that you just point at what looks good without having to know its name... The marvels of a menú of the non-pilgrim kind... Even a simple slice of tortilla in the humblest bar... We would have to make a pilgrimage to Spain for the food even if there were no Camino.

Yes, we’ve often eaten well in albergues but we’ve also eaten badly. Which is a crime given the high standard of cooking in Spain generally.

For inspiration check out my new favorite book on the subject:

Grape, Olive, Pig: Deep Travels Through Spain's Food Culture by Matt Goulding
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Tincatinker, I saw that comment about the hamburger in Cacabelos and all I could think of was the very fine restaurant at Moncloa de San Lazaro. They have wood fired grilles with lamb and beef, maybe they have started grilling mince?


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Being 5’9 and weighing 132 lbs I am terrified of losing weight walking the entire CF. Love food and like to eat. Will probably have to be snacking constantly. I made a note about the hamburgers in Cacabelos. Any more suggestions?
Cafe con Leche with lots of sugar and pastries for breakfast
Bocadillos, dried fruit and nuts for snacks
Olives, cheese, chorizo also for snacks

Pilgrims menus with lots of Patatas fritas (chips ;-)

Buen Camino, SY


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I would eat as much as I wished, plus a whole block of chocolate and a can of Coke every afternoon which I NEVER eat or drink at home. Luckily my weight is always constant but after my first Camino I lost 4kg which soon recovered to my normal weight back home. I never bothered about losing or gaining weight after subsequent Caminos


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Bottom line, based upon the many pieces of good advice listed above, is that there is plenty of good food along the Camino. Stop frequently and enjoy it... and TRAIN so that you can carry some of the many delights in your pack!

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