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Foot injury - how long should it be rested before doing Cami


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I had planned to complete the full Camino in September 2009 (did 220kms of it last year and fell in love with everything about it ) but managed to break a bone in my foot and tear my ankle ligaments at the end of January. I am now getting physio and have started light exercise. I am fairly fit and feel it wont be a problem but quite a few people I have spoken with have said I might not survive the full camino ....I want to book my flights, thinking of doing the full camino is what has got me through the last three months!!! Has anyone else had an injury like this and still did the camino later that same year????? :D
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I´ve had a similar problem and still get a twinge from time to time - ask the physio, professional advice is always the best. Options might be to walk all or part of the way sending your rucksack forward and walking without weight if problems develop or indeed before they develop. Or step up your walking schedule monitored by the physio and see how you get on.

Best wishes with it

That happened to me 2 years ago on the Frances and after 3 weeks was able to continue. A good massage therapist is essential. Then again last year on the Via de la Plata it again happened. Same ankle but the inside part. Again 3 weeks of rest and I continued. Now I will be starting the Norte route in 3 weeks and hope it won´t happen but it is not deterring me.
I bought something at a sports shop that may help. It is a disc with half of a ball under it. (get the picture?) You stand on it and have to balance yourself. It is very easy to do and what it does is stretches and strengthens the ankles. 20 dollars. I have it with me until I start the camino again.
Thank you your suggestions, hoped for some positives replies....Am going in search of the balance ball as soon as possible, my physio thinks I will be ready for it, so hopefully........
I'd say "listen to your doctors.... but more importantly listen to your body" You know what you can and can't do.... trust your own instincts. I would bet that many pilgrims esp, those of us in our upper years have many that think we are nuts and what the heck are we thinking?? I trust what my body tells me... period. And I can't wait to see what happens next!!!
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I had a similar injury in December. I was in plaster for 8 weeks and basically spent the summer on the sofa getting fat.

I had to cancel my plan to walk from Vezelay, starting around Easter.

The break (5th metatarsal) has mended and I am now having physio for the ligaments. I (and the physiotherapist) am confident that I'll be able to walk the Norte in September, swine flu permitting.

What surprises me is the length of time needed for it to come good. Anno domini I suppose.

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