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Footwear for March/April

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Planning Camino Frances in March 2020
Looking at the time of year I'm planning on going, I'm guessing regular shoes would not be a good idea. However, do I need to go all the way to boots, or would I be better off with something like Oboz sawtooth, etc to have some protection from weather, but not the heaviness of full boots? I know there's a good chance of a fair bit of precipitation on my trip, and I may have a better idea closer to the time, but planning on getting something soon so I can slowly get use to them.

I'm only posting these links because this is the best store I have locally. I'm not saying I will buy from them, just posting for ideas and for my understanding.

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CF 2006,08,09,11,12(2),13(2),14,16(2),18(2) Aragones 11,12,VDLP 11,13,Lourdes 12,Malaga 16,Port 06
Looking at the time of year I'm planning on going, I'm guessing regular shoes would not be a good idea.
I wear New Balance trail runners year round on the Camino.
My feet rarely get wet, but if they do, the trail runners dry overnight and stay flexible, unlike boots.
My ALTUS poncho keeps my feet fairly dry - I just don't worry about it.
You do NOT need boots on the Camino - I see more discarded boots along the trail than any other footwear. Unless you are used to wearing boots, they are overkill imo. Lots of threads on this if you search.


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Le Puy to Santiago via the Frances 2012-2013. EPW2015
Aragonese & Frances 2016
Burgos to Muxia 2017
My concession to winter weather is non-gortex leather hiking shoes.

The rest of the year, including March, breathable trail runners.


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CF March 2018
CF Dec 2019/2020
Last March we wore MOAB trail runners. They were fine. We encountered rain, snow, sleet and hail. Due to the gortex and merino socks our feet never got wet. Am upgrading to MOAB 2 mids for our December Camino. Not even a 'real' boot, in that it is not heavy like some of the boots we looked at.


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Frances April 2018, Frances October 2019
I walked in April 2018 in Tevas w/socks. On the wet/cold/snowy days I wore waterproof socks over my socks. I am returning next month and bringing the same gear!


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CF April 4- May 12, 2018
CP April 2019
I walked April 2018, before I left I read many shoe/boots posts decided to go with my tried and true Merrel boots. These are my favorite boot photos, the Albergue in Carrion where the footwear choice was 2/3 shoe 1/3 boot and the day I was very happy with my boot choice on the way to Castrojeriz. Just like everything else it all comes down to personal preference.


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