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Found! Found Camino Credentials near Roncesvalles May 14th

Today we found 4 credentials in a plastic bag with headphones and a glasses case for the family of Pose from Madrid. We will leave it tomorrow at the tourist office in Pamplona unless we see you on the trail tomorrow from Zubiri to Pamplona. The address of the tourist office is Planta Baja, Calle San Saturnino, 2, 31001 Pamplona, Navarra. I hope you see this message. If there is another place to post this message please feel free to forward it for me. Gracias, and Buen Camino!


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It would be much better to lose them near Roncesvalles rather than at the other end after they have been filled with sellos.
Be sure to post the find in the albergue in Zuiri as they may see it or...maybe someone walking with them will see it.

I hope the credentials can be reunited with the Pose Familia.

(I am pretty sure the Father will be blamed for losing them)


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Can you see from the stamps how far ahead are they compared to you? If they are too far ahead it might be better to post them to Santiago. Buen Camino, SY
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If the family had been staying in albergues, and you are well in front of them, you might also post a notice in albergues you come to so they know their credencials have been found. have it translated into Spanish and have copies made.

Also, if you are ahead of them, you could tell them in the posted message where you have deposited the items for safekeeping and for the family to pick them up when they get there. Clearly, this does not work at towns with many albergues. But it is worth a try. You could even drop in at a police station or ayunimento (town hall) if you find one.

Absent getting lucky, the "best" alternative is to mail the items ahead to the pilgrim office at Santiago. The address is:

Oficina del Peregrino
Rúa Carretas, 33
15705, Santiago de Compostela
A Coruña

Telephone: (+34) 981 568 846
Fax: (+34) 981 563 924

Email: info@peregrinossantiago.es or peregrinos@archicompostela.org

The staff will file the items by date received. Once they arrive at Santiago, they can identify themselves and reclaim the items. With luck, they will have obtained replacement credentials to capture sellos for the remainder of their Camino. The Pilgrim Office staff will "stitch" the sellos together to form a complete pattern of the route the family walked.

I hope this helps, and I hope all works out well for this family.

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